Receiving swap packages from around the country and the world is fun!

We participated in two swaps: Group 66 and Group 88.

In Group 66 we had South Africa (received, and will blog about it soon!), Norway (still waiting on the package); and two states: Hawaii, and Florida. We received both swaps from Hawaii (you can read more about it here), and Florida.

In Group 88 we had Qatar (waiting on the package), England (received, and will blog about it soon!), and we received both states: Oregon and Ohio.

Check out the wonderful packages that the families put together from Oregon, Florida and Ohio.

Worldwide Culture Swap from the state of Oregon (Group 88):

As usual our son was thrilled to see a box on our doorsteps. We received:

– A box of dry roasted Oregon hazelnuts. The state nut. 🙂

– A pencil.

– A postcard.

– A coin (a quarter).

– The Oregon official state map.

– A local map/guide of Portland, Oregon.

– A brochure of the Lewis and Clark historical park.

– Interesting fact sheet about Oregon.

– Two sheets of stickers.

– A “Thunder-egg” (geode) rock.

– A bag with raffia, and instructions on how to make a cordage.

– A letter with a picture of the family who sent us the package.

Of course, my 4 yr. old was excited to open the box, and looking through it’s contents. He immediately grabbed the stickers (he loves stickers). He was indeed fascinated with the “Thunder-egg” (geode) rock (he collects pebbles, and rocks at home). The Thunder-egg is also the state rock, and though it doesn’t look like much in the outside, once cracked open you will see an exquisite beauty inside. We haven’t cracked open the rock, yet. I’m going to have Daddy help with a chisel and hammer to crack it open.

Worldwide Culture Swap from the state of Florida (Group 66):

We received our swap package from the great state of Florida! I love looking at my son’s face filled with awe and amazement as he looks through the contents. In this swap package we received: 

~Pictures of the family’s home, and of the family. 

~Postcards of Florida. 

~Brochures of wildlife, and tourist areas of Florida.

~An alligator teeth – the most fascinating object in the package :). 

~”Points” – a replica of a very rare and expensive arrowhead made by the native people in the region. 

~Instant grits (a Southern favorite), which was delicious!   

~Lychee seed – comes from the lychee fruit that is sweet and rich in nutrient. 

~Sand, and a shell key chain.   

~Orange marmalade (quite tasty on toasted bread), and orange bubble gums.  

~A sponge. 

~A alligator iron-on transfer.  

I was very impressed on how well this package had been put together, the wildlife and points (arrowhead) brochure was neatly placed inside a clear bag. There were notes on all of the postcards, and pictures. I really appreciate the time this family has taken to get their swap package together.  My son loves playing with the sand, and then putting it back in the tin can.

Worldwide Culture Swap from the state of Ohio (Group 88):

This was another fun package!

~Ohio State Tourism Guide

~Two postcards

~Four Cleveland Indians baseball cards

~A handwritten note in a beautiful card with a picture of the family making the shapes of O-H-I-O! (Really cool!)

~An Ohio State symbols sheet

~Information on some mammals found in Ohio

~Information on Amish Country with a link

~A book titled “Presidents of the United States” (my favorite) and print outs of the eight presidents that actually came from Ohio. Ohio is also nicknamed “The Mother of Presidents!”

~A bag with sand with lucky stones, beach glass, and snail shells

~Two Ohio State coasters

~Brochures and maps of the area

~Sticker sheet with the name O-H-I-O

Thank you so much to all of the families that took the time to put together these wonderful packages. We have enjoyed them greatly, and we too hope you have enjoyed what we have put together for your family.

Until the next culture swap!

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  2. I've been reading a lot about the Culture Swap and packages people receive, but this is the first I've read with packages from my own country. It's really fun to look at places I've actually been and try to imagine what you could include in a package, what makes each of them so unique. Usually we take where we are for granted, so this was a lot of fun to read! Thanks for sharing at the Culture Swapper!

  3. Thank you Leanna! True, we often take for granted what we have here "right in our own backyard." This has been especially fun for my 4 yr. old. Wouldn't you know that he had "show and tell" at school, and he took the alligator teeth that was sent to us from Florida!

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