So we received our 1st Worldwide Cultural Swap Exchange from Hawaii! Little one was thrilled with everything. He loved the leis and the turtle. 🙂 There were lots of postcards, a luau shirt (folded paper with instructions), fish made from palm leaves, stickers, US flag, macadamia nuts, a passion fruit jelly, calendar, and a newspaper, and lots of information on Hawaii. We have yet to sit down and go over everything, and I want to do so when I can sit with him, and point out on the world map where Hawaii is and go over the contents of our package. Thank you to the Bolger Family in Hawaii who sent us this!

Recibimos nuestro 1er paquete del Intercambio Mundial Cultural desde Hawaii. Mi pequeño estaba súper emocionado con todo lo que recibimos. Le encanto las flores, y la tortuga. 🙂 En el paquete encontramos muchas postales de la región, una camiseta tipo “luau” (en papel doblado con instrucciones), peces hechos de hojas de palma, calcomanías, una bandera de E.U., nueces, jalea de parcha, un calendario y mucha información sobre Hawaii. Aún tenemos que sentarnos a revisar todo, pero lo quiero hacer cuando tenga tiempo de sentarme con el, y señarle en el mapa dónde está Hawaii e ir mirando y leyendo el contenido de nuestro paquete. ¡Gracias a la familia Bolger en Hawaii que nos envió este paquete!

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  1. I'm proud that my sister Frances is exchanging cultural aspects worldwide with my nephew. Helping him learn, how other countries live and develop throughout their lives. Nevertheless Hawaii is one of my favorite places to visit in a near future. Looking foward to accomplish my goal.

  2. Hi! This is Marta, from Spain. What a great surprise you received! I love the cute tshirt. I've always dreamed of visiting Hawaii! I'll send my first envelope in my first cultural swap in some weeks! I can't wait!
    Best regards,

  3. Thank you Marta for your comment! We're getting ready for our 2nd swap 🙂 can't wait either! By the way, you have a great blog. Thanks for stopping by.

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