“Homeschool” is in quotations because I don’t actually homeschool; but I do reinforce what he is being taught in school; and of course, my passion: teaching him Spanish.

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  1. I love the blackboard on the wall. It's so cool, and what a space saver!

    You are very insightful. So many parents rely on the school system for giving their children an education. It's essential that parents supplement – for sure.

    I wish I lived closer. I would love for my kids to attend your Spanish lessons.

  2. I love your nook Frances!! When we finally get settled into our next home will you come and design one for me!!

  3. I had a great response from Facebook when I posted this picture, so I had to share. Check it out:

    Yadira: Really good!! Yo deberia de poner presión a mi hijo también en que sea bilingüe… le hablo español pero me contesta en ingles, mi hija si es bilingüe, pero el con el speech therapy solo se lo dan en ingles.
    November 4 at 12:25am

    Frances: Gracias ! Lo 1ro es que no dejes de hablarles en Español. Vas en buen camino, aunque no te responda el chico en Español. 2do tienes que hacer que Español sea "fun" divertido, no puede ser obligado porque se resisten. 3ro has considerado unas clases de "Spanish immersion" para los chicos? Yo matriculé a Leonides en una clase semanal de Español con otros niños de su misma edad y te cuento que esa ha sido la mejor decisión y lo que lo entusiasmó a aprender más. Claro yo suplemento en casa y por eso me animé en crearlo su propio espacio para estudiar Español y cualquier otro tema. Ya en la escuela tiene bastante Inglés, así que el refuerzo en casa es en Español.
    November 4 at 12:34am ·

    Yadira: Thank you. si voy a buscar clases, y libros en español!!!.
    November 4 at 12:35am ·

    Frances: Busca bajo "Spanish immersion classes" y estoy segura que vas a encontrar algo. Exito! Y no te des por vencida! Es un regalo y bendicion saber dos idiomas (eso ya lo sabes) jajaa
    November 4 at 12:36am ·

    Yadira E Jones thank you . voy a checar online
    November 4 at 12:36am ·

    Cordelia: First off this is awesome! I love it. I am also intrigued by the Spanish syllable sound cards. Apart from gorgeous burst of colour, fab! How did you make or did you buy? Girls are getting more enthusiastic about Spanish so trying to capitalise….
    November 4 at 1:38am

    Elizabeth: So awesome franny!!!
    November 4 at 6:40am

    Amanda: Love it! What a great arrangement!
    November 4 at 12:16pm ·

    Frances: Thanks cuzzo! Elizabeth the sea animals on the wall I painted them when I was pregnant with Leonides. Instead of painting over them I created his little space with what I had already on the wall. I feel so proud of myself!
    November 4 at 2:17pm ·

    Frances: Cordelia, Thank you!!!! I'm glad to hear that the girls are enthusiastic about learning Spanish! The Spanish syllable cards I made them. I bought the strips and the blue thing to hang them in (have no idea what it's called) and I wrote with permanent marker the "ma,me,mi,mo,mu" etc.,etc. I can also use different strip cards as well it's interchangeable!
    November 4 at 2:19pm ·

    Frances: Thank you Amanda! I needed to create a special place for my little man, and I'm very happy with it; and so is he! LOL
    November 4 at 2:20pm ·

    Aracelis: You have your heart and soul aiming towards Spanish immersion and you are getting there!!! Way to Go Mom
    November 4 at 5:59pm ·

    Carmen: Felicidades mi amor te quedo estupendo,Dios mio pero que talento tienes tu y gladys nacieron con el talento en las venas,son tan creativas que me quedo asombradicisima.
    November 4 at 9:03pm ·

    Frances: Aracelis, amiga lo dices y no lo sabes! I'm so passionate about this you have no idea… well actually everyone already does! LOLOL
    November 4 at 10:0pm ·

    Frances: Gracias madrecita! Me quedo bello jajaja cierto es tienes unas hijas talentosas
    November 4 at 10:10pm ·

  4. Thank you! Hahahaha OK, let me know so I can book the next international flight to the other side of the world. LOL

  5. Thanks Lisa! I wish I can quit my job, and homeschool my child but that is not an option. So I have to do with what I need to, to make sure he gets the best education. 🙂 Wouldn't it be awesome if we lived closer! I'd be delighted to have your kids over. 🙂

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