I had the opportunity to host a fun-filled party for 13 of my son’s friends! Counting the adults we had 29 guests! We had a great turn-out!

Movie Premier 
We kicked off the party with the movie premier of the VeggieTales Fennel Frontier movie! Every child that came in was given a special badge with a mask, and a cup of popcorn.  I was surprised on how “quiet” and “still” all the children remained! Considering we had 13 children from ages 2 through 7 yrs. old.  The movie has a beautiful lesson of sharing, and caring.  It was funny (the kids were laughing), and even the adults enjoyed it since it had some of the Star Trek humor.  After the movie, we all got our group picture then returned inside the house for some VeggieTales treats.
VeggieTales Menu
Of course, if we’re having a VeggieTales party we must have veggies as well! Now we also had some yummy treats for the kiddos as well:
Veggie chips in baggies
Corn chips in baggies and salsa in small cups
Baby carrots dip in ranch dressing
Fruit platter (pears/bananas)
Spice cupcakes
Carrot shaped pumpkin cookies
Hummus and pita chips
Popcorn bags
Vegetable platters (cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, & broccoli)
Tossed green salad
Spinach tortilla wraps
VeggieTales Activities 
After both kids, and adults ate. We split the children in to two groups! I had a station with crayons, paper plate planet fun copies, plates, and glue. The kids were to color their own planets!
The other station had dirt, seeds, shovels, markers, and popsicle sticks.  They were to plant the vegetable seeds of their choice. They had fun getting dirt, and seeds to plant.
VeggieTales Photo Shoot 
To close the party we had a fun photo shoot, and we gave each kid their very own special VeggieTale goody bag.


In the past, I’ve hosted several parties with House Party.  This one was for the premier of the VeggieTales Fennel Frontier movie! I applied to host, and was selected!  They sent me a party pack with the DVD movie,  masks, coupons, bracelets, activity sheets, posters, event poster, discount coupons,  and stickers. All I had to do was invite some friends over, and have a party!
So you’re probably asking what is House Party?  House Party gives us the opportunity to try out for free, products or services from sponsored brands.   Their goal is for you to share with your friends their products by hosting a party in your home. They provide the freebies, and you take care of the rest!
For more information, you can go here, and check out the upcoming parties, and apply for one.  If you’re selected to host they’ll send you the goodies!  Once you’re selected they ask that you complete a number of activities as well as upload a group photo to your home party page.
This is a sponsored post.  I just really love House Party, and the opportunities it gives us to host parties with freebies!
Hope you enjoyed the party! Have you hosted with House Party before? Or have you had a VeggieTales party?


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  1. As a vegetarian parent, I absolutely loved the look of the food and also hearing about how you organised what sounds like an amazing party. I now really want to watch Veggies in Space, in part because of the funny subtitle ('the fennel frontier').


  2. You are on the ball, aren't you? Loved your post and it made me want to host a party, I need to think of what though hahahah. Thank for the info. Saluditos!

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