I was looking on Pinterest for this year’s non-candy alternative for Valentine’s Day.  I came across this cute Valentine’s Day straw topper, and it inspired me to make these cute Valentine’s Day Fluttering Butterfly Pencils.
This was a pretty simple craft that even my little man could help with!    All you need is pencils, red construction paper, chenille stems, glue sticks, and stickers of any variety.
I cut the hearts and made four slits right in the middle.  Little one helped by decorating the hearts with stickers, and markers.  I placed the pencil in the middle of the heart and wrapped the chenille stems to make the butterfly antennas. Little one helped by gluing the googly eyes, and I used a permanent marker to make the smile. To secure the pencil I placed tape on the back and a label that I printed with this message: “Happy Valentine’s Day from your friend” with my son’s name.
Will your children be gifting candies at school or with their friends?  Or will you be making something with the kiddos?  
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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. This is too cute! I had your post up earlier today but didn't have time to comment and Kooks walked by and said "we have to make that now!" I'm pinning it now and I think we will be making some very soon.

  2. Oh, these are so cute!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  3. We just made these & they turned out great! We used pre-cut foam hearts, pencils with Valentine’s messages & sticky eyes – so easy! Thank you for the idea. We had so much fun crafting them <3

    1. Author

      Oh, pre-cut foam hearts are perfect for these!! They won’t get torn or easily bent. Glad you enjoyed! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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