This past Sunday we decided to get ready for Valentine’s Day! We’re making cookies and cards.  I gathered up different shapes & designs of scrapbook paper, some red construction paper, glitter, stickers (not pictured), heart cookie cutters, and a sugar cookie baking mix that I found on clearance (after the Christmas sale! Gotta love them!). I had some chenille stems, but didn’t use them.
We started our Sunday morning by making cookies. Little one was very excited to start baking the cookies. I mixed the ingredients and placed the dough on the wax paper. I gave little one the rolling pin and he had a ball!  He enjoyed rolling and cutting out the cookies with the cookie cutter.
Little one was very excited to decorate the cookies and had lots of fun.  He decorated the cookies to his heart’s content. We used icing and sugar sprinkles. We had the “food markers” but that didn’t work out too well.
Cookies decorated and ready to eat! He was so proud of his baking and decorating skills. 🙂
Later in the afternoon, we started working on our Valentine’s Day card. I cut the hearts out of scrapbook paper and gave him pieces of paper, and the hearts to layer with glue. He wanted to put stickers on them, and once we finished we placed them on the table to decorate with glitter!
We’ll be using these cards for a Valentine’s Day exchange that we’re participating in, and for him to give to his friends at school. We’ll be making more for family. 🙂
Look at the beautiful collection of Valentine’s Day cards. They are beautiful, and my son was so proud. He said, “Mommy I like them a lot! Do you think my friends will like them, too?” I told him, “Of course, they will! They are beautiful!”
Here’s to wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.
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  1. Wow – those cards turned out beautifully. I'm seeing a theme with the glitter – is it your son's favorite crafting supply? If it is he and my girls have something in common. Those cookies look delicious!

  2. Thank you! Yes, yes glitter makes every thing much more fun, and messy! LOL It was a simple craft for him to do. 🙂

  3. So fun!! I love baking and crafting with my little one. Your Valentines are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  4. I love the cards – will 'little one' send one to my little one in Switzerland?

  5. Hi there! Thank you so much! I'm sure little one won't mind, however I have to see if I have any left since pretty much all of them were for the exchange and school friends. If I don't have any I'm sure we can "whip" one up quickly. Please email me at anelenterprises (at) gmail (dot) com. Hopefully, you'll get it in time for Valentine's Day!

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