We absolutely love The Magic School Bus!  What I love more is that the DVD collection that we own we can watch it in Spanish!
With that being said,  the “teacher” in me is always looking for opportunities to have a Spanish activity with kids.  After they saw the episode “Meet Molly Cule” I got them pumped up to make borax crystal worms with googly eyes, and all! ?

In Spanish we discussed the video, and we went over the materials that we were going to use:

Jarro de cristal / Glass Jar
Agua / Water
Tijeras / Scissors
Googly eyes / ojos plásticos
Hilo / String
Limpia pipas / Pipe cleaners

Lápiz / Pencil
4 cucharadas de Bórax / 4 Tablespoons Borax

For full instructions on how to make them read the instructions on Education.com.
I asked each child to twist the pipe cleaners on to the pencil to make their shapes. They picked their own colors.
Once they finished I tied the string for them, and wrapped it around a popsicle stick.  Since the water is hot I poured it into the jars, and they placed them inside.
They patiently waited for it to hardened, and were especially excited on how they came out!
They glued on the eyes, and I cut out the antennas for them.  Didn’t they come out cute??
Additional resources for The Magic School Bus:

Free Science Plans Using Magic School Bus in English 

Interested in the video? It’s available in Amazon.
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