With Easter around the corner I planned a very special Spanish Activity with Resurrection eggs for my son’s Spanish playgroup.  
Every other week we have a Spanish children’s workshop, and I usually have a theme. This time it was Easter. I couldn’t find a book in Spanish, but we did have at home the The Easter Story by Patricia A. Pingry.  It’s a perfect book for little ones that explains the story of Easter without going into the specific details of Jesus’ death, but it does explain that Jesus died, and resurrected on the third day. 

As I read the book I translated to them in Spanish, and to better explain Jesus’ resurrection we had an activity with plastic eggs. They actually sell the Resurrection Eggs, and on Pinterest you’ll find loads of ideas on how to make your own.  However, I  was looking for something simpler, and in Spanish. I didn’t find it in Spanish, but I did find a simple,and very easy to make and frugal resurrection eggs here.  I wanted to make 4 sets. One for each child.  As I read the story in Spanish I had them reach out for a colored egg, and open it.  
Each colored egg represented a different event. I translated into Spanish this sheet that I found here
  • Huevo azul – contiene pequeñas palmas plásticas.  Representan cuando Jesús llegó a Jerusalem (Mateo 21:1-19). Dios nos ama tanto que nos envió a su único hijo Jesús para librarnos y traer paz. 
  • Huevo púrpura – contiene una galleta.  Los niños se la comen y representa la última cena que Jesús tuvo con sus doce discípulos. (Mateo 26:17-19, 26-30). 
  • Huevo amarillo – contiene dos clavos.  Los niños hacen una cruz con los clavos.  Jesús fue crucificado en la cruz por nuestros pecados. Jesús murió por nosotros para que todo el que crea en El tenga vida eterna. (Juan 19:16-22).
  • Huevo verde – contiene una piedra (roca).  Representa la piedra que fue usaba para clausurar la tumba de Jesús.  Los seguidores de Jesús estaban muy triste porque el había muerto. (Mateo 28:1-2). 
  • Huevo anaranjado – está vacío. Representa la tumba vacía y la buena noticia de que ¡Jesús vive! Jesús subió al cielo y resucitó al tercer día.  (Mateo 28:5-8). 
This is a beautiful activity that you can do with your children in Spanish.  
Happy Easter! 

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