Diversity stems from the word diverse that means “of a different kind, form, character, etc.; such as diverse opinions;  unlike;  various kinds or forms, including people from one or more  social, cultural, or economic group especially members of ethnic or religious minority groups.”

To embrace diversity means we need to practice respect and tolerance to others.   Today, the word diversity is tossed around everywhere! Employers are embracing the term “diversity and inclusion”, with teams dedicated to make a more diverse and inclusive work-place.  However, how do we teach our kids about diversity?  It really starts at home.   We need to step out of our “box” and explore our beautiful and diverse world.

Here are some fun ways to teach your kids about diversity:

Travel is the ideal way to expose children to diverse cultures, foods, customs, languages and way of life.

Nevertheless, that’s not always an option.  You can still expose your children to all of this by visiting cultural events, and festivals.

We love to visit an annual International Festival where we visit all seven continents in one place.

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Today we visited Columbia's International Festival. . . We've been going to this festival for a few years now and every year it keeps getting better and better. . . It is so much fun for the kids especially when they visit each country with passport in hand and are greeted by smiling faces. . . We enjoyed global cuisine from China, Venezuela and Mexico. We loved listening to the different international music and seeing so many people of different cultural backgrounds. We did some shopping at the international bazaar, and enjoyed the national exhibits while collecting stamps from each country for our souvenir passport. . . Check out my insta story for more fun! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #education #educación #learningisfun #educational #globaled #culture #multicultural #diversity #globaleducation #internationalfestival #columbiainternationalfestival #columbiasouthcarolina #columbia #globalcuisine #culturalentertainment #internationalbazaar #nationalexhibits #paradeofnations #multiculturallearning #showthemtheworld #soymamalatina #kidbloggersofig #kbnmoms #momsoninstagram #momsofinstagram #latinabloggers #mamasblogueras #mamalatina #mkbkids

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Expand your taste buds and cook together with your family.  Explore other countries by trying out an ethnic cuisine or have a meal at an ethnic restaurant.

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🇬🇧How do you embrace diversity during your day to day routine? I personally try to get acquainted with new cultures by eating their food. It is an easy and budget friendly option to raise global minded children while still living in the home country. Raising global minded children from home, with emphasis in Latin American families, is the topic of my presentation at the #figt2018 tomorrow Train yourself and your children for a global mindset. . . . 🇪🇸¿Cómo enfocas la diversidad durante tu rutina diaria? En lo personal, trato de familiarizarme con nuevas culturas comiendo su comida. Es una opción fácil y económica para criar niños con mentalidad global mientras aún vivimos en el país de origen. Criar niños de mentalidad global desde casa, con énfasis en familias latinoamericanas, es el tema de mi presentación de mañana en el # figt2018 ¡Sí se puede! Capacítate a ti mismo y a tus hijos para una mentalidad global. #littlenomadas #mkbkids #expatlife #soymamalatina #padres20 #latinaswhotravel #diningtraveler #theglobewanderer #the_detail_lens #map_of_europe

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Help your child start a book club and start fund-raising for diverse books. Invite friends of different backgrounds to join.

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Just a preview of the inaugural #37books book club led by my 7 year old. 📚💜 Thanks to so many generous donations, these kids actually squealed when they headed they got to take their own books home. 💃🏾🙌🏾😍 A video with special shout outs to our donors coming Monday! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Using music to make reading fun with our first book Happy by @pharrell! 😭💜 Read more about the mission for the book club in my bio. (Books purchased from @mahoganybooks to support local black owned business! 📚✊🏾 #shero #blackbooksmatter . . . . #biracialbookworms #resist #equalitymatters #fearlessgirl #representationmatters #weneeddiversebooks #shelfie #magicofstorytelling #diversereading #readyourworld #booksaroundtheworld #diversebookshelf #readingculture #globalreading #readingculture #bookclub #readersareleaders #readingnation #raisingreaders #kidsbookslove #fortheloveofreading #librariansofinstagram #teachersofinstagram #mkbkids

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Together with your child learn and discuss different religions,  rituals and traditions.

Watch foreign movies and discuss the differences and uniqueness of the characters, culture and ethnicity.


More importantly read books about embracing diversity and uniqueness.

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So many favorites here! @leeandlow

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