José Campeche is Puerto Rico’s first and most significant painter of the 18th-century.  He was born on January 6, 1751, to Tomás Campeche a freed-slave who purchased his freedom and to María Jordán originally from the Canary Islands.  Of Afro-Caribbean descent, Campeche learned his father’s trade of decorator and gilder asRead More →

      Are you looking for a one-stop resource for everything on Puerto Rico for kids? From printable fun facts, books,  plus resources in both English and Spanish? Look no further!  Come read all about it on Spanish Playground: Puerto Rico Facts for Kids in Spanish and English  Read More →

**Update:  On 2/2022 I’ve added more books to this list and it is now over 100 books!!  My son is also a teenager but we love books about Puerto Rico. So I’ll continuously update this post.    This post was originally written in 2016 with 54 books listed.  As ofRead More →