La migración puertorriqueña hacia Estados Unidos es el pan de cada día de muchos boricuas entre sueños y realidades, un reflejo de crisis y dependencia.  Los relatos de familias y lamentos de aquellos que tuvieron que mudarse para los “Nueva Yores”, (término que alude a Nueva York pero que losRead More →

childrens books about puerto rico la garita

When my child was born, I had a goal in mind: to find as many children’s books about Puerto Rico so I can share them with him.  Little by little, I started building up my child’s home library. Some of the books listed here we own, others are on myRead More →

Puerto Rican Terms of Endearment Only a Puerto Rican can understand and relate to these popular Puerto Rican terms of endearment and expressions of love.  However, being in a bicultural relationship means conveying and explaining to my better half that if I call you Papi/Pai, I’m not really calling youRead More →

Visiting the Río Abajo State Forest was such an amazing experience.  In the summer of 2021, I came across an article about the Puerto Rican parrots in captivity developing dialects.  The biologists were concerned that once released they wouldn’t be able to integrate into the wild. My children’s book CocoRead More →