Stamp Out Hunger National Food Drive is an initiative to help feed America’s hungry.  Every year on the second Saturday of May letter carriers deliver our mail, and at the same time pick up donated food items from families across the country that are left by their mailboxes.  The donated food items are taken back to the postal station where  they will be sorted, and delivered to a food bank or pantry for needy families.

Last year was our first year participating in Stamp Out Hunger.

Last year’s donation to Stamp Out Hunger. Sixty food items purchased by shopping for items on sale, and using coupons.  

For Stamp Out hunger I purchase food items on sale, and I also go through our pantry with little one for canned goods. On the day before collection, little one helps me put the food items in bags, and he and his Daddy place them by our mail box.  As we’re bagging the food I use this moment as an opportunity to talk to my son about how other families are not as fortunate as we are, and that it’s a blessing for us to be able help them.  I pray that doing this as a family we are instilling  in our son the gift of giving, compassion and helping others.

This has not been the first time we’ve donated to those in need. In the past, little one and I have gone through his clothes, toys, and books to donate. He’s been very happy to give his things away, and he knows that he’s helping another child in need. 🙂

We’re so blessed to be able to participate this year in Stamp Out Hunger, and we would love for every family to look into their pantry.  Even if you just leave one can of food in your mailbox that would make a huge difference. Every little bit counts! So check your pantry, and see what food item you can donate.

Thank you in advance, and may God bless you abundantly!

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  1. So wonderful that you are doing this, and especially involving your son in it as well! I was totally unaware of this until I happened to see the flyer this morning – and today was our pickup day! Luckily we were able to find some things to donate, but next year I hope I can do as much as you have! What an inspiration!

  2. It's wonderful that you are getting your son involved in giving at such a young age – There is no doubt that you are raising an incredibly compassionate and caring young man.

  3. That's great that you were able to donate something last minute. Every little bit helps! Thank you!

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