A week ago I shared on Facebook how I was going to beat the summer slide and my son’s reaction is hilarious. Nevertheless, we need to do what we need to do for our kids. I know they’ll thank us later. Am I right?

The English workbooks that you see on my post you can easily find them in stores. However, it gets tricky when you’re looking for Spanish books! The Spanish workbooks below I purchased them in Puerto Rico.

I purchased these Spanish workbooks in Puerto Rico

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Finding workbooks in our target language is not always possible and not everyone can hop on a plane and travel to a Spanish speaking country. I remember when my son was barely 5 years old during a visit to Puerto Rico I stocked up on Spanish workbooks through 4th grade! He was a kindergartner at the time.

He’s now going to 6th grade and I can’t believe that I’ll have to get some Spanish workbooks for grades 6-8! Thankfully I didn’t have to fly to Puerto Rico to get these workbooks we have Amazon.

I purchased the Spanish I and Spanish II for grades 6-8. The workbooks are smaller in size but packed with Spanish activities. The instructions are in English with examples in both languages. What I like about the workbooks is that my son can do these on his own without my help. Unlike the Spanish workbooks that I often had to assist with explaining the instructions. The activities are age appropriate and perfect to practice el español.

I found a few more Spanish workbooks on Amazon. Take a look at my recommendations below:

Where do you find Spanish workbooks for your kids? Let me know in the comments below.

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