Spanish Language Summer Program: Day #3

For our third day of the Spanish Language Summer Program we had story time with Sofia en una Aventura por la Selva by Giselle Shardlow.  

As I read Sofía en una Aventura por la Selva in Spanish, I pointed out some key words in English to benefit the little ones. Before each yoga pose, I asked the children what did they see in the picture? If it was an animal I’d ask them what noises did they make? Then I had them repeat the words in Spanish after me: autobús, tucán, jaguar, etc.

My little helper was by my side, and he instructed the children how to do each of the yoga poses.  

The yoga poses in the picture from top to bottom are:

  • Autobús (Postura de la montaña)
  • Tucán (Postura del guerrero)
  • Jaguar (Postura del gato)
  • Saludar al Sol (Saludo al sol)
  • Mariposas (Postura del zapatero)

English translation:

  • Bus – Mountain Pose
  • Toucan – Warrior 3 Pose
  • Jaguar – Cat Pose
  • Salute the Sun – Sun Salute
  • Butterfly – Cobbler’s Pose
The children were really excited about this session. They had story time in Spanish, and practiced some yoga moves! Even the teacher was doing the yoga moves, too! The children especially loved it when I handed them a coloring page of Sofía doing the Sun Salute pose for them to color.  
This book is one of our favorites, and my son loves it! You can check out my review here. For the English version of the book check  Kids Yoga Stories or if you’d like to print the coloring page click here.   Until our next session!

¡Hasta luego!

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  1. What a fantastic lesson! You come up with the best Spanish lesson plans!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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