I’ve been toying with the idea of focusing more on starting an at-home Spanish lessons for little one. I am not a teacher, but I am a mother trying to teach his son Spanish. Being that Spanish is my first language, I feel confident enough that I can pull this off. 🙂  Keeping in mind that I have to make this fun, and interactive for my pre-schooler.    
In a recent visit to the library little one picked out Maisy’s Food Los Alimentos de Maisy: A Maisy Dual Language Book (Spanish Edition).  The book is simple, colorful with both English and Spanish words with each picture.  So this past weekend I started by integrating a  craft session after Spanish story time with Maisy’s Food book.
After we read the book we started making the foods in the book and he would say the name in Spanish. He enjoys hands on crafts so I came up with a great idea of making Maisy’s food with Play-doh.  Once we were done making the foods, I wrote on each paper plate the name of the foods, and he matched the words with the book to find which food it was. We had so much fun, and spent a good hour and a half learning Spanish as we were playing.  Then of course, he wanted to kick it up a notch, and played “restaurant” with his Daddy and I.


As you can tell by the look of joy on his face he truly enjoyed it, and has learned some new words in Spanish.  Of course, once again I’m a proud Mami!  We’re going to be working on more at-home Spanish lessons, and I’ve found a lot of wonderful resources on-line.  No worries I will share soon in another another post!  🙂
What fun ways have you tried to incorporate learning Spanish (or any other language) at home? I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and comments!  Please like, share or pin!
¡Hasta la próxima!
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  1. I love your playdough food and matching game! What a great way to learn some more Spanish. My girls were given some Maisy books for Christmas but they are in English – I didn't know you could get them in other languages.

  2. We have a Maisy DVD which you can watch and listen to in about six languages including Spanish you select the language you want at the beginning.

  3. Thanks Jody! I didn't know either, until little one found the book at the library. 🙂

  4. Hi there! Wow, I didn't know there was a DVD, will have to look into it. Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by!

  5. Wow what a wonderful book and great activites to go along with it. My daughter loves Maisy so how wonderful to find a dual language copy. In Australia I know that will not be so easy although Dora has encouraged a wave of prep school kids in Australia to have some grasp of spanish. I think it is fantastic that you will teach your son Spanish. My husband's parents were Sicilian however they never spoke Italian to the children only to themselves, which is such a shame as he really wished they had when he reached his teen. Thanks for linking in to the kidlit blog hop and we hope to see you again.

  6. Thank you so much for stopping by, and commenting! I agree about your in-laws not teaching your husband their language; that's why I try so hard to teach my son Spanish. I don't want him to be an adult, and question me why didn't I teach him my language LOL
    I'm glad Dora has encourage Australian schools to consider Spanish in their schools! 🙂

  7. Omigosh – that "food" looks good enough to eat! What a great job they did with the play-doh! We are in the same boat with my kids. My first language is French and my hubby's is English. My kids now go to French Immersion. I always knew that my kids would be bilingual – so important (imho)! Thanks for linking into the Hop.

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