I have been pondering on how to best utilize The Little Pim videos in Spanish that I purchased a few months ago.  One of the challenges that I have found with the videos is that little one looses interest after the first 15 minutes. So I had to bring it up a notch so he can actually watch the video, and have fun!

What we used for his at-home Spanish lesson:
  • Portable DVD player
  • Little Pim DVD “Eating and Drinking”
  • A set of plate, cup, bowl, utensils and napkin
  • Place mat (he made this one at his Spanish immersion class)
  • Spanish flash cards (of foods that were in the video)
  • Pretend play food


As I set up DVD player, little one matched the pretend play food with the flashcards, and to the right of his place mat he set up the plate, bowl, and cup.
We used Little Pim video to reinforce & learn new Spanish words. This video is about eating and drinking. It also teaches common phrases, such as: “tengo hambre”, “el tiene hambre”, & “ella tiene hambre.”
He would repeat these phrases as I had him point to himself as he said “tengo hambre.” I’d tell him you’re saying “I’m hungry.” Then I would point to Daddy when it was “el tiene hambre” (he is hungry), then with “ella tiene hambre” (she is hungry) I had him point to me. That way he would start picking up on the “el” and “ella.”
As Little Pim popped up with words such as: “tenedor, cuchara, postre”, (fork, spoon, dessert) etc. little one would repeat the word in Spanish, and show it to me.  If it were a food item, he would grab the play food from the table, and actually place it on his plate as he repeated the words.
We spent a good 45 minutes learning Spanish with the Little Pim video. He enjoyed grabbing the pretend food items, and placing them on his plate. He was excited that he already knew some of the words in Spanish; and we pretended we were in a restaurant.  (Yes, I had to get another set of utensils, and plates with cup for me to use.)
Updates:  (more like anecdotes)   🙂
  • Last night right before bed time, I tell my child to go to Papi (Dad), and in Spanish I say: “Dale un abrazo a tu Papi y dile buenas noches que vamos a dormir” (Give your Daddy a hug & tell him good night, we’re going to bed) I’m looking at the TV while I’m telling him this then I turn around, and repeat myself. His response blew me away: “Mommy, I already did! You weren’t watching!” He actually understood what I was telling him!
  • Every morning I let him watch one of his cartoons (while I fix breakfast). Me: “Papi what do you want to watch?”  Him: “Mommy, Backyardigans in Spanish, because I want to learn more Spanish!” I gave him a high five, and praised him.
  • The other day he was eating an apple, and says in Spanish: “Mmmmmmmm, ¡Mami manzana deliciosa!”  He had the biggest smile on his face! I about ate him up with hugs & kisses! 🙂
I’m amazed of his progress, and the one thought that comes through my mind is that I can actually pull this off! I can actually help my son learn Spanish!
Are you teaching your child another language? Do you have any fun anecdotes that you’d like to share? Please comment, like, pin or share!
¡Gracias y hasta la próxima!

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  1. This post really made me smile – I know how much hard work you are putting in to teaching your son Spanish and it is so wonderful to hear that it is not only working but that he is really enjoying it. We have that same Little Pim video and I'm going to try this activity because my oldest also looses interest.

  2. Your anecdotes made me so happy, for you, of course. I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel to see so much progress! So cool! 🙂

  3. Awe Melissa gracias! You too know my struggle, and it's quite satisfying seeing so much progress! It blows my mind!!! LOL Thank you for your continued support! 🙂

  4. Thank you Jody! It's been an uphill struggle; but I'm starting to feel that everything is coming into place. We're both kind'a of in the same boat so hopefully your oldest will also enjoy the video with an activity. 🙂 You know that we've talked about this before, and I too, hope you can start seeing some progress with the girls. 🙂

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