Updated: 4/2022

Looking for a non-traditional Easter scavenger hunt in Spanish? Look no further!

What kid doesn’t love hunting for Easter eggs?  How about a non-traditional Easter scavenger hunt in Spanish? Look no further!   No candy or toys, just pure fun, and imagination.  

It’s an Easter scavenger hunt with a twist! Place small folded cards with Spanish animal riddles inside the eggs and hide them.

Your child will have to solve some riddles in Spanish, and when they do they’d need to look for the answer, and so on.  

Option 1:  Fold the card and place it inside the egg. The child will have to find the animal.

Option 2:  Give them the card and the animals could be hidden inside the egg.

This is such a fun activity to do with your bilingual kids in Spanish!  

He will also be getting a special letter from the Easter bunny himself but in Español!

Before you head out check out our past Easter activities here. You’ll find Spanish activities, crafts, and even a rabbit piñata!

Happy Easter!

¡Felices Pascuas!


Click here for a FREE printable letter or cards!

Some of the riddles I gathered from here, here, and here.  Others I made up.



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  1. THe links are not working…is there another way to access the printables?

    1. Author

      Oh gosh!! Sorry about that I’ve updated the links. Thanks for reaching out.

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