So what do you do when you have a 4 yr. old eager to play, but the weather is too cold to go outside, and you have gone out of ideas to play indoors? Ah! A sand and water sensory bin!  Luckily we have a sand box out in the yard so I grabbed some of his buckets and filled them with sand.
Little one wanted to get his rubber toys really dirty (he told me so), and asked for some water. (Uhhhh had to think about that one….oh the mess!). Of course, I gave in! So I got a few towels, put them under the round bin, and let him pour the water at his heart’s content.  
He spent a good hour sitting there, playing with his rubber toys. He had them float, then he piled sand on top of them, so he would be able to dig them up afterwards. He even asked for an extra container with clean water so he can wash his toys.  Only to have them cleaned up and dumped back into the sand.
The best thing about this type of play its that it gives him an opportunity to stimulate his imagination, and creativity. It fosters his ability to play independently and the skills he needs to stimulate, and motivate his own self.
It also gives us the opportunity to have some quiet time at home. While he was playing, I was cooking in the kitchen. From time to time, I’d ask him what was he doing, and he’d tell me a story he just made up about the rubber toys in the sand (what an imagination!) or he’d explain why he put the rubber toys in the sand, how they got dirty, and what he was going to do clean them up.
Sensory bins are fun! Check out our Dinosaur Sensory Bin for another indoor play idea.
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  1. You are a much braver mother than I! My girls love playing with sand and water but I have never let them bring it inside. I know they would wait for just the right moment when my back was turned to decide it would be more fun to play on Mama's bed! So glad your son had so much fun with it. If I share this with my girls they will be asking to go play at your house!

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