Puerto Rico piraguas are icy sweet treats perfect to cool off during these dog days of summer! It’s been so hot here that all I’m craving is a piragua!  Since I can’t have one now, I will write about a favorite icy treat from my beautiful Puerto Rico.  Piragua is shaved iced served in a cone cup and topped with sweet flavored syrup.  A piragua not to be confused with the American snow cones is shaped in the form of a pyramid while the snow cones are shaped like balls.  In the picture below you’ll see on top of the second bottle an odd white-shaped mold. This is what gives the piragua its pyramid shape.

Via Jeffrey Bary Flickr Common Creative
In Puerto Rico, you can find a piragua cart nearly anywhere. My brother-in-law was kind enough to send me the pictures you see below of a recent family visit to Puerto Rico. He didn’t have a hard time finding un piraguero (a man who sells piragua) since they were on the side of the road selling out of their trucks, at the flea market, or at the beach.  Piragua is such a popular treat in Puerto Rico, that you can also find wooden piragua cart toys (center picture in collage blue wooden piragua toy).
Piragua cart in Old San Juan’s pier.

Considering I can’t have a Puerto Rican piragua,  I guess the next best thing is limber! What’s limber? It’s a frozen sweet treat that I can make at home. We’ll be bringing a little bit of Puerto Rico into our kitchen. So be on the lookout for our next post!

Special thank you to my BIL for the awesome piragua pictures he sent me while he was visiting Puerto Rico.
Photos courtesy of my brother-in-law David Torres enjoying piraguas in Puerto Rico!
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