Raising a multicultural child to love and know his culture and heritage is no easy task especially when we live away from extended familia for instance in this case from Puerto Rico.  He’s a true Southern boy, and one way to teach our child to love his Latino heritage is through food.  Oh glorious, and delicious Puerto Rican food.
Food is an important part  of our family, and cooking Puerto Rican meals fills my heart with joy. There’s a connection between food, and your memories.   I want my child to remember his Mamá’s sopa de plátano a true Puerto Rican comfort food.
So, what is plátano? It certainly isn’t a banana although I’ve found in some Spanish materials the translation of the word plátano when referring to a banana.
I have taught my child the difference between a guineo (banana) and a plátano (plantain).  The plátano grows on a tree similar to the picture below, and looks a lot like bananas. However, they are bigger, wider, and longer than your traditional sized bananas.  Green or ripe plantains can be eaten in any way you like!  Nevertheless, you can’t peel a green plantain, and just eat it raw.  One of my favorite ways to eat and serve it is making it into a plantain soup!
My recipes are “al ojo” like my Mamá would say, “Un poquito de esto, un poquito de aquello” (a little bit of this, a little bit of that) which is literally cooking with no measurements but eyeballing the ingredients.

Rest assured I have found a few recipes similar to the one that I make:

Crema de Sopa de Plátano

Easy Green Plantain Soup 

Sopa de Plátano 

Hope you can make any of the above recipes, and like we’d say in Puerto Rico, “Buen Provecho!” (Enjoy!)

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