The first book that I purchased on our beloved coquí was  Everywhere Coquis!/¡En dondequiera coquies! by Nancy Hooper.  I read this book to my son’s preschool class during the Week of the Young Child celebration at his school. It was perfect for the little ones because they all loved repeating the famous chirp of “coquí, coquí.”  The song of a tiny tree frog that is native to Puerto Rico (and that has been introduced in Hawaii, too) is music to our ears.  The coquí is also a Puerto Rico symbol that you can see represented in the form of a Taíno petroglyph.

Below you’ll find lots of resources to complement a study unit on Puerto Rico or on amphibians:

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Coquí children’s book in English

There’s a Coqui in My Shoe (English Edition) 

The Coqui and The Iguana

Good Night, Mama! Good Night, Coquí!

The Song of El Coquí and Other Tales of Puerto Rico

Everywhere Coquís! / En dondequiera coquíes (English and Spanish Edition)

Coquí characters in books

Spanish Books for Beginning Readers: Rafi y Rosi includes a free printable

Spanish Early Reader Books: Rafi y Rosi includes a free printable

Music to our ears

Audio clip coquí

Felisa y El Mágico Coquí Spanish Children’s Book Review 

Coquí (Frog) Crafts

Coquí paper plate craft and review on Kiki Koki

Puerto Rico Section – Coquí

El Coquí: Folktale and Puppets

Spanish Resources

Reseña y actividad libro de niños: Tico Coquí

Reseña y actividad libro de niños: La leyenda del coquí

Reseña y actividad libro de niños: Polín, el coquí que se negó a morir

Reseña y actividad libro de niños: Kiki Kokí

YouTube Videos

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