Do I have a treat for you!  Free printable bookmarks with Spanish song phrases.  Click on the links below to download.



I grew up listening to “Buscando guayabas ando yo” from Rubén Blades.  Released in 1978, I was … (never mind) years old. LOL Any who, this song is a classic and I love it.

Click here for your “Buscando guayabas ando yo” printable bookmarks


This song “Boricua en la Luna” by Juan Antonio Corretjer gives me all kinds of feel about being Puerto Rican.

Click here for your “Boricua en la luna” printable bookmarks


“Soy Yo” by Bomba Estéreo” is an anthem to embrace your individuality!  Love it!!

Click here for your “Soy yo” printable bookmarks 

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