It’s a beautiful day outside so what is a Mom to do with her 4 yr. old? Make chalk spray paint!  I love,love Pinterest, and I found a simple recipe for the chalk spray here.  The only ingredients you need is 1/2 cup of  warm water, 10 drops of  food coloring, and one tablespoon of flour!  Simple as that! (I doubled the recipe so little one can have more chalk spray paint). I found the spray bottles at the Dollar Tree, and little one helped me make the chalk spray paint. 
He loved spraying the chalk paint, and even mixing colors.
As you can tell he was pretty excited with chalk spray painting everything!  Even our oak tree got a little bit of color. 
He even sprayed his arm to see how it looked. 😉  Spray painted some rocks, and almost anything he can get his little eyes on. He wanted to spray paint our cars, but I told him no. Can you imagine? Luckily the following day we had some heavy rain, and most of the colors had been washed off. 
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  1. So much fun! I am definitely pinning this. I love all the smiles in the photos – it was clearly a hit with your son!

  2. Hi Lucinda! Thank you! It's simple, and the best part that it's FUN! Thanks for stopping by!

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