Today during our Lazy Sunday Arts & Crafts we did some homework. At the beginning of the month, little one comes home with a monthly homework calendar from pre-school. One of his homework assignments for this week was to make a snow man by cutting out 3 white circles, and putting his face on it.  We gathered the following materials to make the snow man: White paper,  blue foam, fake frosty snow flakes, glue, buttons, a picture, and white chicken wire.


I cut the three circles from a white scrapbook paper, and used a blue foam as the background. Then I had little one spread the glue stick on each circle, and sprinkle “snow flakes” on it. He then put some buttons, and chicken wire for his arms.
I thought this was too cute not to share, plus this was such a simple and easy craft!  The best part is that little one had fun, and enjoyed himself.


What simple crafts have you created with your children lately? Would love to hear from you, please comment, like or share. ¡Gracias!
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  1. This turned out so cute! I'll have to try incorporating some photos into the girls artwork. They would love this!

  2. The girls will get a kick out of having their faces on the snowman's body! 🙂 Have fun!

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