During this month little one, and I have been discovering Peru.  We learned about the ocarina musical instrument, played with hand-made finger puppets, and even cooked a tasty pollo a la brasa, check this recipe that I made for All Done Monkey:  lomo saltado.  Today, we’re sharing with you an easy Peruvian Bird Gourd Craft for kids!
In this book, you can find many activities to do with your children.  One of the activities to learn about Peru was a gourd.  A Peruvian gourd is usually carved and it’s an art tradition practiced for many generations.  Andean people used gourds to store their food, and today they have many uses. Artisans use these for storage and decorative pieces.
Gourd carving in Peru has been practiced for more than 4,000 years.  They would be used for storytelling, and they also served as a record of celebrations, oral traditions, rituals, myths, and weddings.
Little one didn’t carve the gourd. We actually used paint to color it.  The suggested colors were a deep red and brown, but my 7-year-old insisted he wanted blue! Anyway, I think it was an awesome activity to learn about a centuries-old tradition in Peru.


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