Puerto Rican Terms of Endearment Only a Puerto Rican can understand and relate to these popular Puerto Rican terms of endearment and expressions of love.  However, being in a bicultural relationship means conveying and explaining to my better half that if I call you Papi/Pai, I’m not really calling youRead More →

bosques tropicales

Descubre 10 medidas impactantes para proteger y cuidar de los bosques tropicales y celebrar el Día de la Tierra el 22 de abril. Ayuda a preservar la valiosa biodiversidad de nuestro planeta. Durante este Día Internacional de la Madre Tierra se concientiza de manera global la importancia de proteger yRead More →

The lack of Afro-Latino Children’s Books is prevalent in the kidlit world. However, I’m happy to share with you over 20 books featuring Afro-Latino children in Spanish, English, and bilingual books.  You will find books on self-identity, self-love, heritage, food, music, and more featuring Afro-Latino children as the main characters.  Read More →