When I started our bilingual journey I was just a momma with a desire to have her son learn Spanish! I didn’t know where to start, and truth be told I was very lost.

How, when, where and what to start our bilingual journey? I was clueless! I had so many questions! 
When raising a bilingual kid you need to maximize all of the opportunities available. If you’re lucky you can find a full-immersion program. However, that was not our case.  I would have been thrilled, and ecstatic if I had known about   Language4kidz.com. Created by Graciela Castellanos it provides early language learning programs for babies (yes babies!) through elementary age children. Seriously, do you know  how easy it would have been for me to have used Language4kidz 5 years ago? 

Disclosure: I received a electronic copies of children’s book, and an audio for the purpose of reviewing it.  I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. All opinions are my own.

As a momma raising a bilingual and biliterate child I look forward to the opportunity to review materials that will enhance my child’s bilingual journey.   I was provided with a sample of  an audio song: “Un millon de amigos” and electronic copies of their children’s book by Graciela Castellanos, Author, and Founder of Languages4kidz, Inc. 
  • Pets All Over the Place Illustrated by Cristina Gil Segovia 
  • Osi Hace Nuevos Amigos Illustrated by Alejandra Viacava 
  • ¿Qué te Gusta? Illustrated by Sachiko Sawada 
  • Una Fiesta de Cumpleaños Illustrated by Kasandra 
What I love about Language4kidz is that it’s one your one-stop resource for raising your children to learn Spanish or learn English!   Here you’ll find music, children’s book, and enrichment activities. You know what really excites me about this program is that you don’t have to be a teacher to use the program!  The lesson plans are flexible, and easy to use with activities to follow-through. 
In my journey raising a bilingual child I have seen first hand how music has positively impacted my child’s language learning.  Language4kidz has samples of  songs, and nursery rhymes  that you can listen to, and are part of the program. 
For more information on Language4kidz visit their website, Facebook, or Pinterest page.

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