When I saw the Octonaut finger puppets by Glittering Muffins I knew this was something my son would love! However, I didn’t have much time to get around to it until I was home for two days with a sick child. So guess what? Plenty of time on my hands!
He loves the Octonauts, and it’s one of his favorite shows. To cheer him up (since he was gloomy) I told him I’d make some Octonaut finger puppets for him.  Valerie from Glittering Muffins has graciously uploaded a template for us to use! So I had hubby print the template, and I started working on them. I used googly eyes, and permanent markers for the details.  (The template available is for five of the main characters: Dashi, Peso, Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, and Shellington).
After I finished, my son was super happy then he starts counting them, and says that “some” were missing? He names all of them, and I’m like OK.  I used the basic “body” templates to make the  Tunips, Professor, and Tweak.  Then I started cutting out the rest of the pieces for the puppets.
Oh my, my son was beyond excited, and happy!!! Then he asked if I could make a puppet theater. In my mind, I was like “are you serious?” … he’s sick, but this child can really ask for stuff! LOL  I started looking around the house for something small enough to make the puppet theater.  It had to be simple, and easy.  I found a white box lid, and bingo! All I had to do was draw the Octopod on it, and have him color it. I then cut out the windows for the finger puppets.


He spent hours playing with the finger puppets, and he even went to bed with them!

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  1. You are such a great Mama! Octonauts & an Octopod – you have my vote for Mother of the year. They are adorable. If I was your son, I'd be sick a lot more often! I hope he is feeling better now.

  2. Oh Valerie, thank you for coming up with this wonderful idea of making the Octonaut finger puppets! Couldn't have done it without your wonderful template! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hahahaha thank you Jody! I had a lot of time on my hands, and this did take me a while to make, too (I guess I have big fingers LOL and had to use tweezers). My little one is feeling better! Fever for 2 straight days not fun, unless Mom is making something fun! 😉

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