Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 – October 15 every year. That’s thirty days to learn about thirty notable Hispanic figures during this month!

I have a confession to make!  Every year, around this time I say to myself that this month we’re going to dedicate some of our Spanish homeschool to learn about Hispanic Americans and their contributions.

Guess what? The year comes and goes, and nada!   So this year, I’m prepared and ready to tackle this.

I’ve gathered some online resources,  such as biographies, trading cards, YouTube/Vimeo videos, coloring pages, book recommendations,  activity sheets, and even some lesson plans.*  I’ve compiled all of this in one easy calendar that you can download and print, and I’ve also created a clickable links doc that you can save to your computer or print. On each day, I’ve committed to teach my child about one person in this list:

  • September 15  – Celia Cruz/Arts
  • September 16 – Roberto Clemente/Sports
  • September 17 – Jaime Escalante/Science
  • September 18 – Ileana Ros-Lehtinen/Politics
  • September 19 – Fernando Bujones/Arts
  • September 20 -Edward James Olmos/Arts
  • September 21 – Mario Molina/Science
  • September 22 – Cesar Chavez/Politics
  • September 23 – Rita Moreno/Arts
  • September 24 – Nancy Lopez/Sports
  • September 25 – Antonia C. Novello/Science
  • September 26 – Hilda Solis/Politics
  • September 27 – Salma Hayek/Arts
  • September 28 – Henry Cejudo/Sports
  • September 29 – Ellen Ochoa/Science
  • September 30 – Sonia Sotomayor/Politics
  • October 1 – Isabel Allende/Arts
  • October 2 – Joan Baez/Arts
  • October 3 – Franklin Chang-Diaz/Science
  • October 4 – Dolores Huertas/Politics
  • October 5 – Tito Puente/Arts
  • October 6 – Crystl Bustos/Sports
  • October 7 – Martha E. Bernal/Science
  • October 8 – David Farragut/Politics
  • October 9 – Diego Rivera/Arts
  • October 10 – Oscar De La Hoya/Sports
  • October 11 – Luis Walter Alvarez/Science
  • October 12 – Salvador Dali/Arts
  • October 13 – Carlos Santana/Arts
  • October 14 – Frida Kahlo/Arts
  • October 15 – Carlos Noriega/Science

I want to make learning fun! So I’ll just pick and choose what resource I want to use in our homeschool.  I’ll be printing some coloring pages to make a coloring book, and using the trading cards as well.  There are some fun videos to watch, too!

Hopefully, with my calendar in hand, we can learn about one Hispanic American during this month of celebration!

Click on the links to get your free printable.

Please note that if you’re attempting to download this resource with a school email address you will not be able to access it. “The administrator for (insert school name) has disabled the ability to receive items from outside their organization.” Please access it from another email. Thanks!

Free Notable Hispanic Figures List (With Clickable Links)

*Please note that the resources listed from education.com are free with limited access each month. In the past, I’ve downloaded up to 4-5 free worksheets and/or coloring pages monthly. Once you reach your free limit you can return next month to get more free resources. Since this month is really two months get your free downloads for September then go back and get the ones for October. Easy, peasy!  

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Have fun learning about famous Hispanic/Latinx leaders, scientists, athletes, and more with these digital games!

And for younger ones play a memory game:

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