For as long as I have been married we have never celebrated New Years Eve how it is celebrated it in Puerto Rico.  In Puerto Rico families gathers to eat, sing aguinaldos, light up fireworks, and after the clock hits 12 midnight everyone listens to El Brindis del Bohemio.

Here at home, on New Year’s Eve, little one would crash way before midnight.  Hubby, and I will stay up to watch the Times Square New Years Eve Ball Drop on TV, give each other a kiss, and give our sleeping child a kiss too, then we’re off to bed.

Last year, we were in Puerto Rico but little man was out by midnight. The year before that I had a New Year’s Eve at noon party for kids.


Babysitting two of his friends during the holiday break was a perfect opportunity to celebrate New Year’s Eve at noon.  We made masks, they colored sheets, and made ornaments. I was lucky enough to have some hats from a clearance sale from last year, and that’s what we used.

We also counted down the New Years with this fun video below:

King Julien New Years Eve countdown from Shine on Vimeo.

This year we are home, and we’ll probably do the same as years past. Watch TV, and then crash. On the following day we’ll eat a Traditional New Years Day Meal.

In the meantime, I will enjoy these New Years Global Traditions with ideas for kids, books, and more!  

New Year is Coming to Town by Russian Step by Step Children

Everything You Wanted to Know about Grandfather Frost by Russian Step by Step Children

Happy New Year by Crafty Moms Share

New Year’s Bonfires in Scheveningen by Expat Life (With a Double Buggy)

Happy New Year: Scheveningen and Oliebollen by Expat Life (With a Double Buggy)

New Year’s Eve Traditions In Ecuador by Hispanic Mama

Happy Yennayer 2966 (2016) by A Crafty Arab

New Year’s Eve in Mexico by Kid World Citizen

Bali: Celebrate New Years 5 Times by Orana on Multicultural Kid Blogs

Celebrating New Years with Kids by Mama Smiles

From And Then We Moved to shares a Danish tradition:   “My favorite was in Denmark: Danish tradition on New Years Eve is to stand together on a sofa or a coach or a chair and then you all “jump” into the New Year at midnight! The concept was to literally jump from the old to the new year.”

All Done Monkey shares Kid-Friendly New Year’s Traditions from Around the World with a Free Printable!

Looking for children’s books for New Years?  What Do We Do All Day has an amazing list!

Hope you have a wonderful 2017!

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