We go on all walks of life, and encounter many people along the way.  Just like Malty the Blue Tiger / Marita la tigresita azul who sets on a journey looking for a diverse place,  she comes across different types of animals.   She roars to greet but her roar is so loud that she scares those she meets. In an attempt to not scare them because she’s different she hides her roars.   Not being true to herself she continues her journey until she realizes she’s lost. What else can Malty do but roar?  She does, and finds her way to a place that she’s accepted for who she is: Biscuit Brook.


Disclosure:   I received this book  for purposes of a review.  All opinions are mine, and I only review books that I truly believe in. This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase I will receive a small monetary compensation at no cost to you.   Thank you! 


Just like our children we need to teach them that in this journey called life, to be accepting of others and to especially accept yourself just as you are.  There is beauty in all of us, and that’s exactly what Malty the Blue Tiger / Marita la tigresita azul  is conveying to us.    Not only do I love the message in this book but I love that it’s a dual language children’s book! Yes, it’s in both Spanish and English.  I love how author K. Kloss flawlessly incorporated both languages throughout the book;  especially the Spanish animal sounds! My son had a laugh with those.  The colors and illustrations are inviting, and colorful.  Excellent job done by illustrator Risa Horiuchi! 


If you’re raising a bilingual child this book is for you.   It’s perfect for children ages 5-8 years old. Throughout the book you’ll find key words in bold and in color.  These words can be found at the end of the book as well as some interesting facts about tigers and their true colors.  This book offers endless learning possibilities for little ones and older kids as well.


To learn more about Malty the Blue Tiger / Marita la tigresita azul, fun activities, crafts and recipes go to their website:     Malty the Blue Tiger or follow them on social media at  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!





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