Earlier this year, I attended the first-ever Bilingualism Matters Conference in South Carolina.  The conference was hosted by the University of South Carolina in partnership with Bilingualism Matter. This conference was a huge deal being that South Carolina is an only-English state. Yes!!! Shocking but true. 

Nonetheless,   it was an all-day event full of information from researchers and keynote speakers.  I loved listening to the keynote speakers and it gives me hope for the future of South Carolina.  

However, one of my favorite part of the day was checking out the vendors and one of them caught my attention.  Kämprǝ’hend a Multilingual Reading Platform. This is not a sponsored post. I’m sharing because I was really impressed with what they have to offer.  Unlike audiobooks, these are digital books that are narrated by native speakers this platform has a feature that highlights the audio and words so the reader can accelerate or slow down the speed of the audio depending on his or her language learning level.  

All the book titles are available in English and Spanish.  They also have a selection of titles available in Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, & Indonesian.  

This multilingual platform is available for educators and parents that includes reading and STEM comprehension quizzes as well as teaching activities.  

I personally think this is a great resource for parents raising bilingual kids in any language even if you don’t speak the language yourself.     

You can learn more at https://www.kamprehend.com/digital.php 

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