Read Your World is celebrating Multicultural Children’s Book Day and this year, I have a treat for you!  I have a list of multicultural and diverse books that are bilingual, Spanish, and English books that I received as part of Multicultural Children’s Book Day.

I’ve been reviewing for 10-plus years and each year I get just as excited to get these books in my hands.  Keep reading for more information about the Virtual Party for Multicultural Children’s Book Day, along with plenty of fun details.

Diverse and Multicultural Picture Books for Multicultural Children’s Book Day

Bilingual Spanish/English children’s books:


1. ¿Quiénes Somos? Who Are We? written by Anneke Forzani is a beautifully illustrated bilingual children’s book that celebrates diversity and fosters a sense of cultural understanding.  The book begins with the question:  ¿Quiénes Somos? Who Are We?  With easy-to-follow words in both English and Spanish, it takes young readers on a journey to explore the rich tapestry of diverse identities that make our world unique.  In a world where there’s a constant pushback on diversity, this book stands out on inclusivity making it an essential addition to any child’s home library or classroom library. “Who Are We?” encourages empathy and celebrates the beauty of our differences.

Who Are We? is available in the following bilingual editions: Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Burmese, Chinese (Simplified) with Pinyin, Chinese (Traditional), Dari, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hindi, Hmong, Italian, Japanese, Karen, Kinyarwanda, Korean, Mongolian, Nepali, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Tigrinya, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese perfect for bilingual readers!  Watch the ASL video of Who Are We ?   You can also find the free resources page here.


2. The Purple Shell by Maritza Martinez Mejia is a charming bilingual children’s book and a valuable educational resource.  The story is of an endearing mother-daughter duo on a special mission once they arrive at the beach and learn that it’s been trashed! Having worked all day, their efforts are rewarded with a delightful discovery in the water.  What could it be? You’ll have to read the book to find out.  Maritza has done a wonderful job writing this story in both languages English and Spanish and highlighting keywords.

The illustrations are colorful and charming!  The vocabulary list and comprehension questions can be found in the back matter of the book as well as coloring pages!  This book serves as a fun and educational resource while highlighting the importance of caring for our beaches making this book a wonderful addition to any child’s book collection. It is also perfect for bilingual readers and/or Spanish or English language learners.  Add this title to your home or classroom library today.

3. Fernando’s Big Idea / La gran idea de Fernando is a delightful addition to the Beyond Borders series, skillfully weaving together English and Spanish to create a rich and engaging bilingual experience. Authored by Jonathan Lopez, Yasmina Konate, and Sol Mundo with a keen understanding of the dynamics of families who immigrate to this country.  This book introduces young readers to Fernando, a character whose creativity knows no bounds.

Fernando has some great ideas but often fails.  All he wants is to help his family financially and to do so he skips school. What happens when he does? His family reassures him that he doesn’t need to go out to work and he finally has a “big idea”!!!  This is a lovely bilingual children’s story that promotes cultural appreciation and family relations making it an ideal choice for young learners or families seeking diverse books. This book is a great addition to any home or classroom library.

Spanish children’s books:

4. Myra y el Enredo del Dibujo: Spanish Edition by Rosemary Rivera is a captivating journey into the world of Myra and her artistic adventures. The book offers a sweet and funny storyline of how often adults seem to miss the point because, at the end of the day, we all have an inner child.  Myra’s escapades with drawing unfold in a way that not only sparks creativity, imagination, and determination to win the coveted prize of the best drawing. Every child who loves to draw will relate to Myra and her “enredo del dibujo”. 

Available in both Spanish and English readers will enjoy a fun and imaginative real-life story.  Myra y el Enredo del Dibujo is a must-read for young and adult readers alike.   This is a fun book to add to your home or classroom library.

5. Set in Cuba, Arletis, Abuelo y el Mensaje en la Botella captivates from the very first page. The author Lea Aschkenas transports us into an emotive real-life adventure starring Arletis and her grandfather, marked by the magic of intergenerational connection. The narrative unfolds in such a way that engages readers in Arletis and her grandfather’s journey as they uncover the message in the bottle. The story is not only entertaining but also exudes tenderness and family values, emphasizing the importance of unity and communication.

The authenticity of the cultural richness stands out on each page, making this book an enjoyable reading experience.  The back matter has the author’s note, a picture of Arletis and Abuelo, as well as resources on Cuba and a tasty recipe, too!  Arletis, Abuelo y el Mensaje en la Botella is a work that celebrates imagination, and family relationships making it a perfect addition to your home or classroom library.

English children’s books:

6. Just Wild Enough: Mireya Mayor, Primatologist by Marta Magellan is an inspiring picture book that beautifully captures the adventurous spirit of Mireya Mayor, a trailblazing primatologist.  What makes this children’s book even more amazing is that it highlights the works of a Latina primatologist breaking the stereotypes of what a scientist should look like. 

I love Magellan’s storytelling, coupled with vivid illustrations, which brings Mayor’s journey to life beginning with her early life as a child and later as an adult looking to fill a void that was “just wild enough.” The back matter has the author’s note, a glossary, and educational information about the lemurs. This book serves as a motivational and inspirational story to young girls that they can be whatever they want to be even if they don’t look the part.  A must-have for your class or home library.

7. The Lucky Grapes: A New Year’s Eve Story by Tracey Kyle is the perfect book to add a touch of magic to the New Year’s Eve tradition. Set in Spain, Kyle’s rhyming storytelling invites readers into a world of festive excitement as Rafa prepares for the countdown to the new year.  The story centers around the “lucky” grapes, twelve grapes to be exact, and Rafa’s concern about making it through the night.  Spanish words are sprinkled throughout the book as Rafa and his family get ready for the celebration and tradition of New Year’s Eve, making it fun for English readers to learn a few words in Spanish. 

Many Hispanic and Latin American families, can relate to this sweet book, and for other families, this is the perfect introduction to the tradition of eating twelve grapes at midnight, each one symbolizing good luck for the upcoming months. The back matter offers a glossary of the words in Spanish with English translations, the numbers, and the author’s note.  This is a lovely and festive book to add to your holiday collection at home or classroom library.

8. Emma and Belley-Sister Detectives: A Bilingual Story in English and Traditional Chinese by siblings Emma and Belley Barrett.  This is a fun and sweet story of  two sisters on a bilingual mystery adventure. What makes this book extra special is its unique blend of English and Traditional Chinese perfect for bilingual kids learning either languages.  The adorable illustrations and a storyline full of mystery is certainly to capture your child’s attention.  Add this book to your children’s home library.  

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Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2024 (1/25/25) is in its 11th year! Valarie Budayr and Mia Wenjen founded this non-profit children’s literacy initiative; they are two diverse book-loving moms who saw a need to shine the spotlight on all of the multicultural diverse books and authors on the market while also working to get those books into the hands of young readers and educators.

Read Your World’s mission is to raise awareness of the need to include kids’ books celebrating diversity in homes and school bookshelves. Multicultural Children’s Book Day is an annual celebration.  Read about our Mission and history HERE.

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  1. Congratulations on your website and being such a fantastic multicultural resource for parents and teachers!
    How can I participate as an author of a biography for young people about Salvadoran artist Fernando Llort? Published in Spanish and English in 2022, Painting Joy: the Art and Life of Fernando Llort, is based on my interviews with Fernando and his family and friends and includes photos and discussion of his life, his paintings, and his legacy. He awakened his country to their indigenous roots and transformed a struggling village into an artisan community which flourishes today, almost 50 years later.

    1. Author

      Hi Teddi! What a lovely book and how amazing it is to have been able to interview his relatives. Yes, I know who Fernando Llort is 🙂 I have a post on him: As for participating in the Multicultural Children’s Book Day you still can. Check this blog post out: If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at admin (a) Thanks

    2. Thank you, Frances for the amazing review of “The Purple Shell” and the other fantastic books in your Multicultural Children’s Book Day Ultimate Book List.
      Awesome job for ReadYourWorld!

  2. Thanks for celebrating Read Your World Day with us and for your great reviews. See you tonight at 9 pm EST for our Virtual Party! Thanks for all that you do for Read Your World. This is the best year ever, thanks to you!

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