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Discover the ultimate Mother’s Day playlist with heartfelt Latin songs that will bring tears to your eyes. Celebrate the special bond with Mamá.  Grab the tissue box because these songs will make you cry your heart out!    Before I became a mother,  Mami would always tell me, “Hija eres, y madre serás” meaning that “you’re a daughter and one day you’ll become a mother” and only then will you understand motherhood.   So true, you never really understand your mother, until you become a mother yourself.

mothers day playlist latin songs

Mother’s Day Playlist

In this Mother’s Day playlist, you’ll enjoy 10 absolute beautiful songs to celebrate motherhood.  I’m so truly blessed to be a mother and these songs really get me to the core.

Celebrate Mother’s Days with these songs.

Marco Antonio Solís- Te amo, Mamá

Marco Antonio Solís love song to his mother will have your own Mamá crying too!

Victor Manuelle-Amor de madre

Puerto Rican Salsa Singer Victor Manuelle kills it with this song! Seriously, I cried throughout the whole song.

 Isabel Pantoja- Es mi madre

Ugh! I’m balling with Isabel Pantoja’s melodic song dedicated to her Mom.

Juan Gabriel- Madre sola hay una

Who doesn’t love Juan Gabriel’s amazing vocals belting out that we only have one mother.

Vicente Fernández- Madrecita querida

Vicente Fernández is a beloved Mariachi singer singing to his mother. This is a true classic, “¡Ay, yay, yay!”

José Luis Rodríguez- Madre

Back in the day heartthrob José Luis Rodríguez expresses to his Mamá his love for her the only way he knows how by singing.

Alejandra Guzmán-Yo te esperaba

Alejandra Guzmán dedicates this song to her daughter.  It’s a love letter to her unborn, and this one seriously gave me goosebumps. I was in tears!

Pimpinela- Lo mejor que la vida me dio

Argentinian duo Pimpinela. Rocíos’s daughter Lucía, and Joaquín’s son Francisco join the duo to sing this beautiful song.  It’s a love song that can go both ways:  children to their parents or parents to their children.

José Luis Perales- La Madre

José Luis Perales song La Madre will really make you tear up if you have little kids! I don’t want my baby to grow! Ugh! Tears

Bonus video for the little kids:

Music with Sara- Mamá te quiero mucho

My baby still loves this song! It’s cute and catchy!

If you or your mom are bookworms, I’m sure you’ll love these Mother’s Day book recommendations that celebrate motherhood.  If you have small children these Mother’s Day books for kids will bring a smile to your face.

Happy Mother’s Day!

¡Feliz Día de las Madres!

I would love to add more songs to this Mother’s Day playlist!  Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments.

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