Grab the tissue box because these songs will make you cry your heart out!    Before I became a mother,  Mami would always tell me, “Hija eres, y madre serás” meaning that “you’re a daughter and one day you’ll become a mother” and only then will you understand motherhood.   So true, you never really understand your mother, until you become a mother yourself.

Marco Antonio Solís- Te amo, Mamá

Marco Antonio Solís love song to his mother will have your own Mamá crying too!

Victor Manuelle-Amor de madre

Puerto Rican Salsa Singer Victor Manuelle kills it with this song! Seriously, I cried throughout the whole song.

 Isabel Pantoja- Es mi madre

Ugh! I’m balling with Isabel Pantoja’s melodic song dedicated to her Mom.

Juan Gabriel- Madre sola hay una

Who doesn’t love Juan Gabriel’s amazing vocals belting out that we only have one mother.

Vicente Fernández- Madrecita querida

Vicente Fernández is a beloved Mariachi singer singing to his mother. This is a true classic, “¡Ay, yay, yay!”

José Luis Rodríguez- Madre

Back in the day heartthrob José Luis Rodríguez expresses to his Mamá his love for her the only way he knows how by singing.

Alejandra Guzmán-Yo te esperaba

Alejandra Guzmán dedicates this song to her daughter.  It’s a love letter to her unborn, and this one seriously gave me goosebumps. I was in tears!

Pimpinela- Lo mejor que la vida me dio

Argentinian duo Pimpinela. Rocíos’s daughter Lucía, and Joaquín’s son Francisco join the duo to sing this beautiful song.  It’s a love song that can go both ways:  children to their parents or parents to their children.

José Luis Perales- La Madre

José Luis Perales song La Madre will really make you tear up if you have little kids! I don’t want my baby to grow! Ugh! Tears

Bonus video for the little kids:

Music with Sara- Mamá te quiero mucho

My baby still loves this song! It’s cute and catchy!

Happy Mother’s Day!

¡Feliz Día de las Madres!

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