A few years ago,  I could only dream of one day hearing these words:  “Mommy I can read in Spanish!”

I clearly remember when he was preschooler excitedly telling me,  “Mommy I know Spanish!” That statement was far from the truth.  Now I can proudly say, that when my third grader says, “Mommy I can read Spanish” he truly can read in Spanish.
Throughout the years, I struggled to find books in Spanish. I called family in Puerto Rico for them to send me books,  I scoured the internet and searched high-and-low in stores here in the U.S.A with out much luck.  I often waited to visit Puerto Rico to stock up on Spanish children’s books.
Can you imagine how easy my life would have been, if back then a subscription box service of carefully curated children’s books in Spanish and Spanish/English existed?

Nevertheless, it is never late! I am thrilled to share with you Booklandia a subscription based service that mails directly to your home Bilingual and Spanish Children’s Book.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary box for the purpose of reviewing it. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. All opinions are my own. 
Booklandia was created by a homeschooling mamá who was looking for Spanish books for her children. You can read her full press release at the end of this post.
The box that we received contained a Spanish chapter book (for 8-12 years old) and a paperback picture book.  The books came individually gift wrapped in the box, and as much as I wanted to open the box I waited for my son to open it. I wanted him to be just as excited as I was!
The first thing he said, “Mamá are these gifts for me?”  Yes, I guess they are gifts. Gifts of Spanish language literacy.  
We received the books  Las Crepes de Mama Panya Un relato de Kenia, and Amigos del Alma.  My son was drawn to the picture book first. He read that book in Spanish, and I was beaming with pride. I felt my heart swell up!
We were both happy.
Him because he was reading a newly discovered book in Spanish, and me because finally there’s a monthly subscription service of bilingual and Spanish children’s book.  No more running around looking for Spanish or bilingual books.   Booklandia is a service that has filled a need in the homes of Spanish-speaking parents or those raising bilingual children.   The monthly subscription won’t break your bank, and you can easily adjust it to meet your needs.

As a Mommy raising a bilingual child, I am happily pleased and content with the service. It’s new, it’s different and innovative.  I love the gift wrapped books, but as a parent I would also like to know which books he’s receiving. If he happens to receive one that we already own we can get a $7 refund.

But, who doesn’t love a surprise in the mail?

Interested? Well today is your lucky day!

Booklandia is offering a 10% off and FREE SHIPPING on 3/6/12 month subscription plans for my readers.  Click here to order, and enter the code:  DISCOVER

I highly recommend Booklandia, and happy reading! 

Press release: 
Oakland, CA – One homeschooling mom is making Spanish and Bilingual children’s books accessible to Spanish-speaking families and Spanish learners across the US and Canada. Maceo Cabrera Estévez created the start-up Booklandia, a monthly subscription box service of children’s books in Spanish and Spanish/English from her home in East Oakland, CA.

Maceo’s first language is Spanish although she was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY by Cuban immigrant parents. She has always read in both English and Spanish and wanted to instill that love for reading in her own kids. “My kids’ bookshelves are overflowing with books but not many are in Spanish. I didn’t want them to read translations of popular books in English. There are amazing Latinx writers and illustrators in the US and all over Latin America and Spain. Why limit their experience reading in Spanish?” 
For the past two years she has been a bookseller as a Barefoot Books Ambassador. Once she discovered this award-winning company published Spanish books with beautiful illustrations and strong stories with people of color, she was hooked and wanted to share these books with her community. “In the Bay Area there is a thirst for Spanish and bilingual books. When I am out selling at community events and book fairs, kids and parents alike are overjoyed to find books in Spanish. There needs to be more. If in the Bay Area, where there are plenty of Latinx and Spanish Learners who can’t find Spanish books readily, I could only imagine how difficult it is in smaller, less diverse communities.” 

Customers will be able to choose plans that fit the needs of their family or as gifts. Booklandia will have 2 authentic Spanish and/or bilingual children’s books in each package. Each month the books will focus on a theme such as gratitude, families and travel. “Each book will be wrapped as a reminder that knowledge is a beautiful gift. I just want kids to really love reading in Spanish.”

More information on Booklandia can be found on: www.booklandiabox.com Booklandia boxes are available for 1-month; 3-month; 6-month; or 12-month subscriptions starting at $25.00.

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