I am so pleased to join Multicultural Kid Blogs, and a wonderful group of bloggers in a month-long series celebrating MLK Day celebrating the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. American pastor, activist, humanitarian, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement.   

During this month you’ll find suggestions on great reads about MLK as well as activities, crafts, and more! Today, we’re sharing with you community service ideas for you and your kids.  Community service is a great way to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy.  
These are just a few ways you and your kids can serve the community you live in! 

1.  Visit the elderly in an assisted living facility or convalescent home. 

2. Make cards to hand-out or mail to seniors, military or sick patients in hospitals. 

3. Organize a stuffed animal drive, and donate them. 

4.  Plant a tree with you child. 

5.  Start a garden, and donate the vegetables to a local harvest co-op. 

6.  Pick up trash at your local park or playground. 

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How will you celebrate this month with your kids? 

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  1. Wonderful ideas! It is so heartwarming to see how much your lovely family takes the time to help others. What a blessing!

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