I love Sundays! They are the days that little one and I have fun with arts, crafts, and cooking! Today we baked some oatmeal cookies, and while the cookies were in the oven we started getting ready to make “Magic Reindeer Food”.   Magic Reindeer Food is a magical food that we’ll be sprinkling on our yard on Christmas Eve to make sure the reindeer & Santa don’t miss our house.  
There are tons of blogs, and websites with instructions and recipes on how to make magic reindeer food.  We found a super simple recipe on-line on Hip2Save’s website.   
We had the oats, the glitter (so they can sparkle during the night), and a special ingredient to add a twist to it (this was little one’s idea): chocolate sprinkles! Yes, the kind you eat, and top your ice cream with. Of course, we’re all in the Christmas spirit so we had our Santa hats on.  I let little one mix, and stir to his heart’s content. 
Sporting our Santa hats 🙂
Chocolate sprinkles check, oatmeal check, and now the glitter! 
Magic reindeer food! Ready to stir, and bag. 
Some one was excited! This is how he wanted the picture taken. 

I am truly enjoying this phase with my son, the magic and fun of Christmas! He’s growing so fast, and soon enough he’ll find out Santa, and the magic reindeer food isn’t real.  So in the meantime, we will enjoy every bit of excitement, wonder, and happiness this brings to our child.  

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the magic reindeer food. 

What fun traditions are you incorporating to your Christmas traditions? I’m working on a blog post of our Christmas traditions, and the real meaning of Christmas with our Advent calendar.  Coming soon! 

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  1. So sweet! I love your magic reindeer food – we usually leave out carrots for the reindeer but I think they are going to appreciate your treat more – especially with the chocolate sprinkles!

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