**For the past two months, I’ve been writing letters to you on each birthday.  However, this letter is different from the rest.**

Dear son:

I can’t believe that 5 years ago on this date at 12:12 noon you came into this world. Today you are turning 5 years old! Where has time gone by?
I look at you, and see how much you’ve changed physically since the day you were born. You look a lot like your Papi, though you’re a much better version!  However, when it comes to personality I have to admit that you’re very much like your Mami!
You’re a determined and strong-willed child. This will be helpful as you get older, because you will not allow obstacles to sway you from your goal. You will find a way to reach them, and look for alternatives. At your age, I’m pretty amazed on how you tend to do that a lot. You’re also a problem solver. For instance, I remember offering to volunteer to read story time at your school, but I lost my voice. I was going to cancel but you offered to “read” the book while I showed the animals.
I love that you question everything! You’re inquisitive, and a very smart boy. Not saying this because I’m your mom 🙂 but because it’s true!  You’re a very hands on little boy, always willing to help and contribute! I hope you’re still that way when you’re 14 yrs. old!
When it comes to games, and play you’re not too much into electronics. Although if I give you some glue, stickers, scissors, crayons, and papers you will get creative! You love to color, draw, and paint as you can see here, and here. Did I mention that you love to build things? Especially with blocks. Of course, can’t forget about your cars, planes, and even your favorite stuffed animals: “Cuddly, cuddly dinosaur” and “Rudy the reindeer.”
You also come up with the craziest ideas for crafts! You think because you can craft with me we can make just about anything. 🙂   I remember when you asked me to make the Angry Birds, and then the Octonauts. Wow!
Most importantly you have a love for books, and learning a new language: Spanish.  You’ve made great strides in learning Spanish this year, and I couldn’t be prouder! The ultimate test was when I was talking to your Abuela, and you really wanted to tell her about the ants you saw at home. I gave you the phone, and you tell me, “Mom, I don’t know how to say that in Spanish”, but you grabbed the phone anyways, hesitated, and then said to her in Spanish, “Abuela hay dos hormigas en mi casa.”  I started laughing out loud, and screaming “Lindo you did it!”  You translated on your own a message that you wanted to convey! That was an “aha” moment!
When it comes to sports you may not be as agile, and fast as others but you’re dedicated, and disciplined. These are life skills that will help you excel in school, work, and in your life. Martial arts has proven to be a sport that you love, and enjoy. You’re the youngest in your karate class, and the only 4 yr. old (at the time) to have accomplished the yellow belt rank! You also enjoy soccer, and swimming.


Although shy, you have developed great social skills, have many friends (in and out of preschool). You often take the lead when playing with your friends, and I see an up and coming leader.  You’re the silliest, and most funny little boy! Your laughter fills up any room, and it’s so contagious you make others laugh, too!
Needless to say you’re a kind hearted little boy, you display empathy for others, and in your prayers every night you ask God in your words to, “watch over children who don’t have a mommy or daddy.”  You’re the sweetest, and most loving boy ever; and I thank God that he chose you to be our son!
We love you so very dearly, and you brighten our days every day!
Happy 5th birthday mi niño lindo!
Mamá y Papá

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  1. I love this! What a sweet picture!! You have done such an amazing job of capturing his wonderful qualities. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him (yet!!) but through your blog feel like I know him already. Happy birthday to a special boy!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! What a beautiful letter to your son – this will be such a treasure when he is older. Don't you wish you knew what you were like at five? I'm also hoping we all have a chance to meet in person one day.

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