**In 2 months little man turns 5! So I’m doing a count down to his 5th birthday by writing a letter to him on each birthday he has celebrated. This is his 2nd birthday letter.**

Dear son:

Here I am again wishing I had written a letter for you on your 2nd birthday, but I didn’t. I can’t remember all of the details of your 2nd year, but I can remember one thing. At the tender age of 2 there was a little girl in the daycare center that called you her “boo.” Yes, that’s a women’s grown up word for boyfriend!  When I heard about this (your grandma actually told me because the little girl told her) my mind was racing with so many thoughts, and I just couldn’t fathom a little girl calling you that!  I’m not going to write in this letter what I thought, and how I felt so maybe one day I will share it with you. For now, just think of it as a funny anecdote your Mom is going to share with you when it’s time to talk about “girls.”  🙂
This letter is about your birthday celebration. For your 2nd birthday celebration you actually had two parties.  Since your birthday fell on a weekday, we wanted you to celebrate with your friends at the daycare center you were staying at while I was at work. We went with the Elmo theme because you loved Elmo. You had Elmo cupcakes, and you had an Elmo piñata!   You loved hitting the piñata with your plastic blue bat, but closed your eyes when batting it! LOL The kids in the center had fun catching the goodies, and celebrating with you on your day. Since your Abuela, and cousins were there we also sang the happy birthday song in Spanish!
For your second party on your 2nd birthday. We had a small gathering with your Daddy’s friends, your grandparents, and the rest of the family from Puerto Rico in our home. Your Daddy is the king of the grill, so we also had some BBQ!

We were blessed to have your Abuela, and primas visit. Your Titi Gladys actually surprised us on the day of the party! She wanted to be there to celebrate with you. The funny thing is that she was almost left stranded at the airport! (I’ll tell you that story another day.)   Back to your second party. 🙂  We had planned to have the BBQ birthday party outdoors, but your birthday being  in the midst of July the heat was unbearable!!! Everyone stayed inside, but your Daddy still had the grill going.

Son, you’re such a happy and blessed child. We give thanks to God for allowing us to celebrate your 2nd birthday. The pictures you see here, are just a snapshot of your celebration. We have tons, and tons of pictures of your birthday party, and of course, of you!

Say cheese! But you just wanted to play with your gifts.

Don’t ever forget how loved you are, and how you continue to brighten our days!  Happy 2nd birthday!


Your Mommy and Daddy

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  1. Frances I love these letters. What a wonderful idea and two parties for two years sounds perfect to me!

  2. Frances, these letters are exceptional! The pictures are amazing! It's almost like I'm there.

    Thanks so much for sharing such tender moments.

  3. Awe thank you so much! Funny thing is that the "2nd" birthday has kind'a become a "tradition" for the next two birthdays…. LOLOL

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