A wonderful way of showing our son how to appreciate other cultures is by participating in a Worldwide Culture Swap. This past summer we participated in two culture swaps, and have received swap packages from other families across the globe! Our packages came from families from England,  Norway and South Africa!

Participating is a fun and tangible way of  learning to appreciate other cultures through the items we have received.   The packages vary by country and the ones that we have received have included items such as,  stamps, coins, sweets, pictures, flags, stickers, coins, a home-made DVD, pressed flowers, pencils and even sand with shells!  The letters that the families include in their packages gives us a better understanding of their culture, and we learn so much from them.

Some of the activities that we have done with the culture swap packages are simple, and fun for our 4 yr. old.  At this age,  little one learns through sensory play by touching the sand and shells from Norway, or savoring the apple flavored candy from England.  He loves to color, so I printed a map for each country, and had him color it and glue it on a large white scrap booking paper for him to use as a canvas.  I also let him glue some beads from South Africa to outline the map, dry pressed flowers, and he even made a flag of St. George.   Then we set off to look for the country in our global map. 
For South Africa, I had him color the map, and use the beads included to decorate the map. Then he had fun placing the animal stickers. We learned that they have 11 official languages in their country! Impressive!
South Africa map, beads, and colorful stickers. 
For Norway, we savored the exquisite chocolates sent to us, and he colored a map of Norway. We received pressed flowers that he glued on to the sheet, with some sand and shells from the local  beach,and a small flag as well. 
Norway flags, the map, pressed flowers, and some sand. 
For England, we made a craft with the materials the family included to make a St. George’s Day Flag collage. This flag is displayed during St. George’s Day (patron saint of England), and  patriotic events. My son also savored some sweets, and had some British custard! You can read about it here.  
Map of England, and the flag of St. George made from tissue paper. 
England sticker, and a homemade jigsaw puzzle that he put together. 
My son is learning to appreciate other cultures through the worldwide culture swap packages that we have received. It has been a learning process for all of us at home, and my son is having lots of fun!  We will be participating in another one soon. 🙂 
What fun ways to do you teach your children about other cultures? Would love to hear from you, please share, like or comment. 

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  1. I don't get to read or comment on your blog much because of my unstable proxy. But today it "let" me and I am so happy to read your post! It inspired me to participate in the next cultural swap!

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