What do parrandas, tamales, charamico, panetón have in common?  They are all elements of Latin American Christmas traditions!  I created this fun and no-prep resource with my learners in mind to celebrate their bicultural/Latino family traditions and introduce new Latin American holiday traditions to my non-bicultural students.  The bingo games are in Spanish but it includes a bilingual glossary in both languages.

Thinking about “mirrors” and “windows”, I thought of my bicultural and bilingual learners, to help them see their family traditions “in a mirror.”  They’ll see holiday traditions that reflect their own.  Alternatively, in an authentic context, students who are not Hispanic/Latino will be exposed to the rich and diverse holiday traditions of Latin America. 

Yes. Obviously, we all love Santa and his elves, but how awesome would it be if we could incorporate Christmas traditions such as Noche de las Velitas on December 7th or eating 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve into our holiday celebrations?

You can find this and many more traditions in this printable, no-prep resource.  This resource includes 10 bingo board games, 12 calling cards, a bilingual picture glossary, and 6 half-page puzzles.

Tap on this image below to see the slide deck. Enjoy!

Click on this link  Tradiciones latinoamericanas navideñas to show your students or children. Enjoy!

Click on the image below to get your Latin American Christmas Traditions Resource No-Prep Games

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