Little one’s 6th Survivor birthday party has been a long time in the making; from the piñata, to the party favors, all the way to the last details of the games!   The day of the party everything was carefully orchestrated to make it a party of a lifetime! We had close to 45 guests! 18 kids were invited, and of course, the parents joined them as well. 
This was my agenda for the party (the planner in me has to have everything written down): 


Tribe assignment: Blue tribe, and Red tribe. Each received a buff (bandanna), and two moms were the tribe leaders.  


Tribe challenge #1:  Relay challenge.  Kid #1 carries a cup with a ball on top to the kiddie pool and returns to tribe,  kid #2 (youngest kid) looks for the hidden idol  in the kiddie pool goes down slide and returns to tribe, kid #3 carries a cup back to the tribe, kid #4 dips in the pool to find 3 fishes goes back to tribe, kid #5 runs and grabs the puzzle bag from the post and runs back with bag, and kid #6 opens the bag and starts putting the puzzle together. The first tribe to put the puzzle together wins! 

Tribe challenge #2: Five minute challenge! Grab a cup and fill with water, and pass on to the next tribal member, and fill the bucket with water while they’re getting wet with the water sprinkler.  The first tribe with the most water in the buckets wins! 
Tribe challenge #3: Worm dig in the sand pile. Team member use a small shovel to dig up a worm, carry it back to the the team, place it in a bucket, and hand off the shovel to the next team member. The first team to find 10 worm wins!  We used gummy worms for this challenge.

I love that all the challenges focused on team work! 


Picture by the cake with both tribes.


Having 18 kids trying to “whack” the piñata would have cut into our party time. So birthday boy was the honoree to hit the piñata. The kids were ready with their bags to get the candy!


We can’t have a Survivor party without and auction!   Kids were given $20 in play money for the bidding. This was also a learning opportunity for them by practicing basic addition math skills for them, and how to handle money.  Daddy was playing the role of Jeff Probst the host of Survivor.


We went simple with the lunch! Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and their choice of juice, water or soda.  The kids took home a cupcake in a box, and their slimy party favor.


Before all of the guests left we opened the gifts. The children loved seeing what he got on his birthday! 
The morning of the day of the party it was cloudy, and drizzling. I was afraid that we wouldn’t be able to have our party outside or that our guests wouldn’t show up!  So I texted all of my friends, with the following message: “Rain or shine the party must go on! Bring an umbrella if you’re afraid of a little bit of water, or don’t bring it if you’re a Survivor!” Haha! I figured we could still have our games under the rain. 🙂   
Nevertheless, the weather turned out great! There was a slight overcast, and it was perfect to keep the summer heat temperatures down.
Both parents and children enjoyed the party! We were exhausted, but so happy that little man’s party turned out perfect! 
Do you celebrate parties with themes? Have you had an outdoor party?  Please comment below, pin, share or like!   

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