What to do with games that your child no longer plays with? I’ve had this box of Jenga (knock-off brand) hanging around the house for a while. I hate to throw things out so I repurposed it into these Jenga Christmas ornaments. Aren’t they cute??

What do you need? I have most of these things at home except for the hooks that I bought at a hardware store.

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Jule twine (not pictured here), Modge Podge, Washi Tape, Hooks, an assortment of ribbons, blocks and any pictures or copies of something that you want to create in an ornament. I used images of pictures that I printed very small to fit the block. The girls I babysit visited Guatemala this past summer and they brought these cookies with the quetzal wrapper. The Quetzal is the currency of Guatemala and I thought it’d be cool for them to make an ornament out of it! I also printed tiny pictures of when they dressed up for Hispanic Heritage Month this past September. Click here to see the picture.

For the picture ornaments:

Follow the instructions on the Modge Podge to glue the pictures on to the blocks and then layer with the Modge Podge. Let dry.

For the washi tape ornaments:

Wrap the washi tape around the blocks and then Modge Podge over it to seal it. I wouldn’t recommend doing this method with the glitter washi tape.

For the hooks, I patiently screwed each one on the Jenga block with my bare fingers. You can use a screwdriver but I didn’t need one.

This is a fun activity to do with kids, too! Except for the screwing part. 🙂

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