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Playing a sport will teach our son vital life skills such as: discipline, motivation, commitment, and cooperation.       So last year we signed him up for soccer for the 1st time (Wee League 3-4 yr. old), and we registered him again for this year’s season. It has been a very fun, and entertaining experience to say the least! Children this age have a short attention span, and most of the time haven’t had their motor skills fully developed. So it has been challenging at times, especially for our son, but all and all playing soccer has given him an opportunity to play with other children, and develop sportsmanship.

The other day he was playing pretend basketball with an empty laundry basket, and every time he dunked the ball, he yelled, “Score!” But, when he didn’t score he’d say, “Awe I lost!” Then he goes on to say, “It’s OK to lose and the important thing is to try again and have fun!” OMG I about died! I hugged him and gave him a whole bunch of kisses!  We are so proud! Our baby is growing up to be such a good sportsman 😉

His coordination skills weren’t very good, and he often felt overwhelmed with all of the children running towards the soccer ball at the same time. Can you tell by that look on his face?  🙂
Taking a break during half time of the Soccer Jamboree.


During this past summer we signed him up for swimming lessons. The first month was tough! He didn’t want to get his face wet! 🙂

So, how in the world was he going to learn how to swim if he doesn’t even get his face in the water? That’s the number one basic rule. Even with his reluctance, we still took him to swimming lessons every Saturday, and in every lesson he learned something new.

He took lessons every Saturday from June until August, and we have seen such an improvement! He’s no longer afraid of the “water”, his self-confidence in and around water has increased greatly! My heart fills with joy when he tells me, “See Momma, I put my face in the water!” or “Mommy I can swim now!” 🙂

I had posted about his improvement on my personal FB page, and I got back some positive feedback that I had to share:

  • Alleyah: Very proud of him! 🙂
  • Vincent: Ahh…nothing like building up great confidence and stomping out fear. Go to the MAX, Li’l Cousin , GO!
  • Carmen: Estoy orgullosa de ti y de mi nieto.

Who knows maybe we’ll have the next Michael Phelps, or David Beckham! 🙂  Wishful thinking never hurt anybody. Ha!

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