Did you know that a research conducted by Common Sense Media shows an unfavorable trend in reading rates and reading achievement over time among kids and teens in the U.S.? I downloaded the research and it shows a huge disparity among White, Latino and Black children, and a bigger one among boys and girls.   Many factors play an important part in these statistics and one of them is that sometimes parents don’t know how to teach their children ages 0-5 how to read.

Luckily for you, I am thrilled to introduce Biracial Bookworms Academy!   Biracial Bookworms Academy is an online reading course for parents with strategies for teaching kids to read.    I am affiliate which means that if you purchase the online reading course I will receive a small monetary compensation at no additional cost to you.    The best part?   The course has a money back guarantee clause!  Making it risk-free purchase.  Though, I’m going to be honest you’ll love this course so much that you’ll never have to ask for your money back.   If you purchase the course before March 23, you’ll get an early bird price!  (Pricing at the end of this post)



Below I’m highlighting some important aspects of this course created by Bethany Edwards, your instructor:


  • This course is an investment in the future of the child in your care.
  • I was inspired to write this course so that every parent and caregiver has the right tools and not just reading gimmicks. My dream is to see every child flourish and find joy in reading and literacy when they arrive in Kindergarten.
  • This course is  “a how-to guide on encouraging your baby, toddler, or preschooler to have extraordinary reading, writing, speech, listening, and motor skills before they turn 5 years old.”
  • Instructions and techniques on how to create a literacy-rich and diverse environment to instill a love and passion for reading, but also for reading the world.
  • This course is for parents (and soon to be parents) and caregivers of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers (ages 0-5). It is presented in a format that is ideal for parents/caregivers who want to give their child a head start in their education.


You can read the full course description here.


Course lessons:


Lesson 1- The Importance of Reading Aloud

Lesson 2- Learning Multiple Languages

Lesson 3- Whole Brain Learning

Lesson 4- Managing a Reading Session

Lesson 5- Pre- Reading Skills

Lesson 6- Beginning Writing

Lesson 7- Beginning Listening

Lesson 8- Beginning Speaking

Lesson 9- Reading the World

Lesson 10- Creating a Reader Friendly Home and Review

Now for the pricing.  Hurry and sign up for the early bird pricing for only $297 with a lifetime access!   Help your child succeed in reading!


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