Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes is celebrating 6 years!


How did this blog get started?

Living in a small town,   as a Latina married to a Black man with a biracial and multicultural child I was eager to connect with other families (or at least read about them).  I searched on-line for resources on multicultural families and I came across Multicultural Familia’s Facebook page.

On Multicultural Familia’s Facebook page was where I found out about a cultural exchange.  A blog World Wide Culture Swap (now defunct) was extending an invitation to families to swap products, treats, and goodies with families from across the globe. I signed up!  Excited about my experience I wanted to write about it and I created my blog: Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes.

On June 27, 2012, I wrote three blog posts! LOL The intro here, and my experience with the culture swap here, and here. Don’t laugh! LOL

Many of the items, stamps, and other memorabilia I still have them 6 years later! They are carefully put away in our continent boxes.  The blog World Wide Culture Swap  encouraged participants to share pictures and to write about our exchange.  So I linked-up my two posts on their linky.  It was from that linky that I met  Leanna from All Done Monkey and founder of Multicultural Kid Blogs.  She became a mentor in this blogging journey, and a good friend.  We’ve been fortunate enough to meet in real life, too.   I joined the Multicultural Kid Blogs family (it was like 20 or so of us at the time) and now it boasts over 200+ members! I’ve also made many friends from this group, many that share the same journey I do.


Now what have we been up to during these six years?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you have seen both my son and I grow together in this journey called bilingual motherhood.

What has happened during these 6 years?

Read along…

One of my earlier posts about my 4 year old’s confidence that he knew Spanish was so far from the truth! Ha! Poor kid!

Nevertheless, we had the opportunity to enroll him in a once-a-week Spanish immersion program, and this Mommy went into full-Spanish mode to teach him at home.  There have been many play dates in español, and many more immersion trips to his Puerto Rico.  It hasn’t been easy!   We’ve had many ups and downs but I can happily say that six years later, my son is bilingual and biliterate.

We’ve also explored many other countries from the comfort of our home with lot’s of stories and hands-on activities, and cooked-up many fun dishes, too!   He’s a Southern little gentleman proud of his Latino roots, and is honing his public speaking skill every time he speaks about his heritage country Puerto Rico.


Looking ahead to the future

Both my son, and I have grown during these years and as my slogan says, I’m “A Latina Mamá on a Multicultural and Bilingual Journey.” 

Very much so, that I’ve decided to venture in a new-phase in my professional career.  I’ve been accepted to graduate school in the Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish program.  I will be a full-time working Mamá pursuing a masters degree. I’m excited and so thankful to God! Especially to my number one inspiration:  my son! He’s my driving force, and the one that has inspired me daily to continue on this Spanish language learning with him.  Being my son’s Spanish teacher has brought me great joy, and now my heart is set on teaching other children.

As for my son, my wish is to spend long summer months in Puerto Rico  with him so he can be fully-immersed in the language.

Nevertheless, in the meantime this Mamá will have to continue with his Spanish-at-home; and instilling passion and love for his heritage language.

We will both continue on this multicultural and bilingual journey,  and I’ll continue to blog about seeing the world through his eyes (and mine, too!)  Can’t wait to see what the next 6 years has in store for us!


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  1. Soo excited for you, amiga! And very proud of how you and your blog have evolved. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?? And you have had such an influence on me as well, it really was meant to be!

    1. Author

      Hahahaha yes it was meant to be, and yes we’ve come a long way!
      Thank you for your friendship.

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