Today will be 3 months since the passing of my sweet father-in-law. A man who loved his family unconditionally and adored his only grandson, our son
Since his passing I was thinking of ways to keep his memory alive.   I decided on a memorial garden for him. We couldn’t do anything back in January, so we were looking forward to Spring to start planting.
Sunday after church, we spent the day gardening. It was a beautiful cool Spring day.  Little one was eager to help, and plant the flowers. For the memorial garden we used a variety of blue and white flowers. My late father-in-law’s favorite color was blue, and he loved gardening as much as he loved playing the piano.
As I cleared the garden area of weeds I was very emotional. I remembered my sweet late father-in-law’s love for flowers, and gardening. Creating this memorial garden was important for our son to keep his Grandpa’s memory alive. All of the flowers that we planted are annuals so that means that every year they will bloom.
I strategically placed a mix of blue and white flowers in the garden.  Little one helped dig up holes to plant, and was excited!  Since it’s his garden for his Grandpa he wanted to have his dinosaurs decorate the garden. I bought a flat stone as a plaque too. I asked him to write, “In Memory of Grandpa 1/5/16” and he wanted to draw a picture of him and Grandpa. I choked and wanted to cry when I saw him draw a stick figure of himself and Grandpa.
Gardening with my son was truly special, and having him do this for Grandpa makes it even more meaningful.
May the sweetest Grandpa ever RIP. We miss you dearly… {tears streaming down my face}. We love you!

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