With so much to do, and so little time we decided to have two fun activities today instead of our usual one! Weather was beautiful so out the door we headed with chalks in hand.  Little one was excited to see what he can create, and make on the cement ground on our car port. He was pretending to be the teacher, and giving me instructions on what I needed to draw.  He was taking his “job” very seriously because he gave me the “look” when I drew a line where I wasn’t supposed to. 🙂  He drew a machine, a house, amongst other things. His imagination soared, he was being creative, and we got a good dose of fresh air!
After dinner we decided to have a sensory math skills with numbers activity. I gave him measuring cups, and a box full of dry macaroni pasta.  He filled the cups with macaroni pasta, then I had him place them from smallest to largest by the numbers written on the index cards. He then played with the macaroni pasta, while I drew the numbers for him on colorful construction paper. He had fun putting white glue on them, and dumping the macaroni on the paper to see the end result.  We both played with the numbers, and counted macaroni pasta up to 100!  I love it when he has fun learning through play. 🙂

What fun learning activities do you have with your children? I love to hear from you! Please comment, share and/or like! Until our next Lazy Sunday Arts & Crafts. 🙂


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  1. Oh I love your number and macaroni activity – such a great idea to match the measuring cups to the numbers – I might have to steal that one!

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