Some time ago, I saw a picture that someone posted on Facebook with a bunch of books. Among the stack of book there was one that caught my attention: Diego y Frida Te Invitan a Jugar en Su Casa. Ah! A children’s book with Diego and Frida as kids!  I searched high, and low for this book on-line but with no luck.
However, I did come across Frida y Diego en el País de las Calaveras. (Affiliate link)   I was thrilled when I received this book, and excited to share it with our son.

Frida y Diego en el País de las Calaveras is written  and illustrated by the Argentinian Fabian Negrin. This children’s book is in Spanish, and it was released in Argentina.
It tells the story of both Frida and Diego as kids. The story setting is actually on El Día de Muertos in México, and everyone is getting ready for the traditional festivities.

Both Frida and Diego are known for their passionate love story, and tumultuous relationship which can be reflected in the scene where Frida surprises Diego when he’s about to kiss another girl.  She gets so mad that she runs away and Diego chases her through the cemetery.  That’s where their adventure en el país de las calaveras begins!


What I really enjoy about this children’s book is that it captures the authenticity of the celebration of Day of the Dead in Mexico with bright colors, and beautiful illustrations of the homes, foods, decorations, and the sugar skulls!
I’m even more excited about this book because it brings the characters of  Frida and Diego to life as kids; and the Day of the Dead traditions together in one entertaining and delightful story.

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