At the end of the school year,  and as we’re gearing up for the summer for some reason in my child’s mind: “summer = vacation.”  Which is kind’a true but essentially for him it means no school work! I think not!  Is your child the same?


Also every summer,  this mommy has to come up with fun ways to keep the learning going and beat the summer slide.  During past years, the nagging and whining was daily. “Why do I have to do this? It’s summer!”  This year, I seriously don’t have time for that! Who does? LOL  Let’s face it! The struggle is real!  Although, I signed him up in our local library’s summer reading program,  he still needs to focus on other subjects: math, Spanish, etc. and have some accountability.


So I played it smart!  I created a fun summer learning and reading log.  My child loves screen time, you know play games on the tablet, and watch his favorite YouTubers. (Just between you and I,  they are super annoying! LOL)  Anyways, during the school year he’s allowed screen time during the weekend starting on Friday.  This summer,  we’re doing the same but the difference is that he’ll get an extra day of screen time added every time he completes four learning or reading tasks in a row.  For every seven days in a row he’ll get some money (at my discretion) for him to use on his games.  Depending on his commitment, he’ll eventually be using it everyday.


The difference? He’s still learning and beating the summer slide.


What I love about this log? Is that he has full-control of what he’s going to work on.  I added workbooks (math, Spanish grammar, and English grammar).  Cursive although not taught in school I’ve taught it to him at home,  and if he doesn’t practice he’ll forget. Lastly,  reading in both English and Spanish.  He can pick and choose what he’d like to do.   On each day, he picks what he wants to work on, and tells me what he’ll be working on the next day.  Once completed, he puts a star on the date.


Of course, with your child you can determine what type of reward they’ll get; and what you’d like to accomplish out of this.  Focus more on math? Language Arts?


I created two templates that you can edit one the standard page size, and another one (which is the one that I used that has dates on it).  Both template can be tailored to your and child’s need.  Hope your kids get lots of use of this summer learning and reading log, and that it will be less stressful for you.


Click below to download your free printable!

Summer Learning Tasks Template (Size: 8 1/2 x 11)

Summer Learning Tasks Template (Size: 11 x 17)


How are you beating the summer slide? Let me know!


Have a great summer!!!

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